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Nov 3, 2003 05:07 PM

Where to eat in San Angelo??

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Anyone know of a good non-chain place to eat here?

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  1. My San Angelo-native husband took me to Zentner's a few years ago; it's just an old-fashioned steak house that's been there forever. My steak was fine. I think they have an offshoot called Zentner's Daughter.

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    2. Henerys is a good place for Mexican as well as Meior que Nada or (better than nothing in english). Zentners Daughters/Steak Lowake/Steak Twin Mountains/Steak(scraps) Henerys was my favorite Mexican. Meior que nada Best Mexican atmosphere. Lowake? Steaks used to be GREAT! Zentners Daughters was a little pricey but good!!

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        mark grossman

        try the mathis field cafe at the airport for nothing fancy but real good home cooking with big portions and great value.

        1. Hiding out on the north side is a little place called Armenta's on North Adams around Ave L. Wednesdays they make a poblano chicken enchilada that's just killer. The veracruzano is also really good, don't skimp on the pico. Franco's on MLK is pretty decent, but their steak fingers are better than their Mexican food.