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Jul 19, 2013 05:23 AM

Light Meal or Cafe Near Mass Pike/495 Interchange

Where can we have a light meal or a snack in the late afternoon/early evening on a Saturday near the Mass Pike/495 interchange? We are omnivores but our dining companions are vegetarians. Another constraint is that they will be driving from NH to NY so don't want to stray too far off the highway.

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    Panzano Market is quite close to there. Yummy Italian market.

    1. What about Lebanese food? el Basha is directly off 495 one exit before the pike, they have small plate and apps to share. It's a byob and the food is delicious. Get off on Rt 9 east, take first exit and left at the light, go in little plaza. You can still see the highway.

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      1. If they are headed to NY they should take 295 from 495 to the Mass Pike. It's a nonstop highway that cuts through Worcester and, as the hypoteneuse of a right triangle, more or less, it cuts the time and distance quite a bit.

        You might want to meet in Worcester, or near the 495/295 interchange. Solomon Pond Mall is off 295 - I don't know the area but there must be eateries there.

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          290... Did you know that it can be read as TO 90.. As in it ends at 90... 295 would be TO 95 as in it ends at 95. Just a tidbit for anytime you see any state route that starts with 2....

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            Quite right! It's been a couple of years since I used to drive out that way. I never realized the "to" part - thanks.

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              Fascinating! Good information, thanks!

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                Nice travel tip for those of us that are directionally-challenged, hargau. Thanks.

            2. We LOVE The Armsby Abbey in Worcester. It's farm to table & it's amazing. Very special. Very small & service is a bit slow, but worth the wait. For foodies only. If you aren't a goodie, you won't like it.

              1. When I'm in that region, I try to get to the Westboro Korean Restaurant in the center of Westborough. The discussion in this thread ( makes it clear why this restaurant is worth a significant detour, and it's not far off your companions' route.

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