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Jul 19, 2013 05:11 AM

Momofuko Milk Bar

Momofuko Milk Bar is opening today on the 2nd Floor of Momofuko. This was mentioned in the Openings Thread, but I thought it deserved its own thread. Here is a link to the Toronto Star article announcing its opening:

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  1. Yeah, and funny how the head office denied it was happening and was wondering where this information came from while staff was directly telling guests that it was coming :)

    I think my expectations for the "crack" pie were too high. I thought it was decent but definitely not something addictive for me.

    Interesting that they are shipping in from NYC.

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    1. re: ylsf

      Is the crack pie sort of like a butter tart?

      1. re: kwass

        Yes, it is very similar to a butter tart but more like a thin pie and more eggy.

        1. re: callitasicit

          Thanks callltastic! Even though you say it doesn't live up to the hype, I'm looking forward to trying it!

      2. re: ylsf

        They're shipping the baked goods instead of making it locally? I'm surprised... I won't be rushing to try it TO if that's the case. I had my sugary fill in NYC already.

        If they do the soft serve... That I might try.

        1. re: ylsf

          The crack pie has been on their Summerlicious menu (Daisho) the whole time - as well as a couple of other Milk Bar items.

          1. re: estufarian

            Yeah, I tried the Crack Pie at Daisho when I went. That is why I am surprised they were denying the rumours.

            Says in the Toronto Star article that they are shipping in daily and that the baked good are in less transit time then they are when they go to one of their pop-ups in the summer.

            1. re: ylsf

              It seems really odd that they're shipping in the baked goods daily. Why not just make them here?!

              1. re: kwass

                They already have a big, commissary kitchen in the outer boroughs of NYC where they ship to the retail outlets in NYC and direct to customers all over the US. They have all the equipment, trained bakers who know the recipes, sources of supply for all the ingredients.

                There's probably no room to do this stuff in the existing kitchens at Momofuku Toronto so they would have to rent something, equip it, staff it, adapt the recipes for the differences in ingredients (our all purpose flour tends to be somewhat higher in gluten), establish a QC program yada yada yada

                There's a reason why so few restaurants run their own pastry departments and outsource to Dufflet et al.

                1. re: bytepusher

                  Makes sense when you explain it, but it still seems a long way to transport baked goods.

                  1. re: kwass

                    Well it apparently makes economic sense for a certain doughnut chain that will remain nameless to protect the guilty to ship some of their baked goods from Ireland to the west coast of Canada (and no I'm not exaggerating), Brooklyn to Toronto hardly seems extreme.

                    1. re: bytepusher

                      Well when you put it that way... :)

                      1. re: bytepusher

                        So I can get the same pies and cookies in the NYC Milk Bar as the Toronto one at basically the same price despite the extra 500 miles they have to travel? Sounds like a bargain when you put it that way.

          2. I was in NY about a week ago and visited this place. Tiny space, packed full of young people looking to get their crack pie fix. I tried the fruity cereal milkshake which was very good and the crack pie which I thought was a rip off for $5, tiny slice that tasted like sweet butter. If this place is not going to sell ice cream and milkshakes, I won't be going there personally.

            1. @callitasicit - that is pretty much my thought summed up on Momofuku in general. Do not really understand the magic, but maybe I am just missing something. The childhood memories brought back from the taste of cereal milk though was fun and nostalgic though.

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              1. re: BokChoi

                Spot on BokChoi! The shake I had reminded me of fruity pebbles in milk. I would go back for that occasionally but not for the "crack" pie lol.

                1. re: callitasicit

                  I may also have left with a bad taste in my mouth after falling for the tourist line in NYC and paying over $8 for some Taiwanese pork buns.

                2. holy the comments section of that article is especially unbearable, even for the toronto star, even for a comment section

                  1. not willing to line up for this milk bar. . .walked into a deserted milk bar in nyc a few years back, tried their crack pie (must be a big deal for americans who aren't used to a heritage of butter tarts or tart au sucre) and found it solidly mediocre. had a cup of stumptown coffee (it was good as always--not sure if that's what they still serve there) that was better than the pie.