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Jul 19, 2013 12:08 AM

A Quest for Burger Greatness

I'm a Seattle dweller normally, but my boyfriend lives in the Twin Cities, so I'm out here visiting pretty often. He and I are on a quest to have (find? whatever) the best burgers the Twin Cities have to offer.

Of course there are endless lists online, Yelp! and UrbanSpoon reviews, etc, etc... Even old Chowhound threads. But when it comes to such things, I find time is of the essence (that is, a spot that was great two years ago may now be awful, or closed; conversely, other places improve, or new ones open), and there is no greater fountain of contemporaneous foodie knowledge to be found than Chowhound.

We've already tried Bulldog NE, which got our seal of approval. We've also had burgers at Ginger Hop (solid), Pat's Tap (big thumbs down), and Chatterbox (decently tasty). Blue Door is on our list to hit this week.

Where else should we try? (Note: We're well aware of the classics, like Matt's, 5-8 Club, and Nook. While we're not UNinterested in these places, it'd be helpful to get a legit sense of where has a great burger versus just a great history/reputation/atmosphere.)


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  1. The Nook or Shamrocks (same owners). Great burgers that also happen to be reasonably priced.

    Skip the juicy Lucy/stuffed burgers unless you like your burgers overcooked.

    1. Another vote for the Nook. I wouldn't go to Matt's or 5-8 for a great burger, although there's something to be said for the blazing hot-off-the-griddle burger from Matt's that's satisfying in a greasy spoon way.

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      1. re: Jordan

        And yes, +1000 on the Nook, but you said you already know about that. :)

      2. I also like the Nook quite a bit. For a more upscale burger, try the burger and fries at Meritage. I also like the burger at Bon Vie on Selby, and I'd say it is of better quality than the nook for a slightly higher price.

        1. My Burger in the Minneapolis Skyway

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          1. re: AmyMo

            Myburger is a local fast-food burger place with a few locations. It's not bad, but it's really not an exceptional burger.

            I will give a semi-endorsement to Red Cow. This is a new place around 50th & France that has a burger-focused menu. The burgers are interesting and the buns are great. I haven't had a "great" burger there yet, but I think they can get there.

            1. re: AmyMo

              Tried My Burger on Excelsior and wasn't too impressed. Burger had no discernible flavor and the toppings were nothing special. The ambiance smacks of chain (although they do serve beer.) I'd put it in the same realm as Smash Burger.

              1. re: ChancesR

                IMHO smashburger is ALOT better...then we have vincent nook matt's etc...

            2. I really enjoyed the burger at Victory 44 recently, and they have a 1/2-off deal if you order between 5:00 and 5:44 on a weekday. I don't know if it's necessarily the "perfect" burger, but it is good.