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Jul 19, 2013 12:03 AM

food wars seattle- fult tilt v. molly moon

if i can only try one, which one should i get?
or is there a wild card entry?

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  1. I've only been to the Full Tilt in Columbia City, which I understand is a different owner than the others. But I vote Full Tilt. Hands down, no contest.

    Molly Moon is good. It's just that Full Tilt is better.

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    1. re: Bax

      much mahalos
      different owner, but same ice cream?

      columbia city is where we are staying with friends, so this is great info

      1. re: macsak

        I believe they have the same ice cream, yes, tho' I haven't been to others to compare for myself.

        My understanding is they started the business together and then had a friendly parting of ways. Though the Full Tilt website includes the CC location as one of theirs, so I don't really know what the story is. Maybe they bought it back...?

        All I know for sure is that Columbia City Full Tilt's salted caramel is perhaps my favorite ice cream I've ever eaten.

      2. re: Bax

        NO full tilt is not company owned. They have partners in the Col. City concept as it is more than just ice cream, but the ice cream part is the same people completely.

        Agreed - FULL TILT!

      3. Definitely Full Tilt on the ice cream itself.

        But Molly Moon's does really good sundaes with great toppings (taking nothing away from that fantastic caramel sauce that Full Tilt does)

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          1. re: Bax

            Molly Moon's is better.... at marketing.

        1. I've never been to Full Tilt but, even with that being the case, I vote for it over Molly Moon. I've never liked the ice cream at MM and don't understand the love for the place.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I'd go with Full Tilt over Molly Moon's. Cupcake Royale's ice cream isn't too shabby, either. Here's a recent comparison article for the three.

              If you happen to be up in the Wallingford area (west of the University District) I love Fainting Goat Gelato, while Ballard and Capitol Hill have D'Ambrosio Gelato. Also fantastic.

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              1. re: fracklefoodie

                awesome, thanks
                going to theo chocolate and paseo, so the gelato tips help too

                1. re: fracklefoodie

                  Thanks for the input Fracklefoodie; It is hard to compare Gelato (be still my beating heart, mouth, stomach!) but it is not the same as ice cream..... love them both, but different process, fat content, air content, etc.

                  Let's do a seperate Gelato thread! Seattle still needs far more real, great gelato!