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Jul 18, 2013 11:37 PM

Teriyaki grill? (Samurai Sam's analog)

I transplanted to MN from NE, where we often enjoyed Samurai Sam's. Their teriyaki sauce, dark chicken and steamed veggies made for the best fast food choice in town. As there is not a franchise in the twin cities, I am at a loss - does anyone local know of this place, and know of a similar restaurant nearby?

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  1. I know of the place, but there is only one similar teriyaki restaurant in the entire metro that I know of: Oishi in Brooklyn Center. They do great teriyaki (and as a Pacific NW transplant, I miss it desperately) but I think they get a bad rap due to their sushi, which never seems to earn good reviews on the various sites.

    But it's worth a trip if you're remotely close by...