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Jul 18, 2013 09:59 PM

chinois on main --dineLA dinner

i had:
-sizzling scallop salad
-oven roasted dorado with vegetables with thai coconut crab sauce
-cherry crumble with vanilla ice cream

all the food was excellent.
the presentation was excellent (i especially appreciated that the fish was served atop the crab coconut sauce and the rice was placed off to the side of the plate allowing me to enjoy the sauce without being forced to eat the white rice)
the portion size was generous for every dish
the service was good.

terrific dining experience all around.

also, they had enough choice in the way of "house" wines so that i didn't feel like i was being herded to the "better" wines many of which had been marked up well over 300% of retail.

'nuf said

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  1. You are on fire with your dineLA visits/reviews this week! No pictures though?

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    1. re: PeterCC

      i'm a technological idiot.
      can't figure out how to operate the camera on the new, fancy, samsung android phone that my daughter told me i "had" to have.

      i'd be better off if i could still use the old flip phone that i had 10 years ago