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Jul 18, 2013 08:54 PM

Pink Door...or other recommendations for a bday dinner

Hi all - my husband and I are spending the summer in Seattle and have loved exploring the amazing restaurants in this city. Our visit is winding down, and his birthday is coming up. I'd like to plan a fun dinner and/or activity to surprise him. What do you think of the Pink Door for a Sunday dinner - with the aerial show. Is the food there actually good? Is the entertainment cheesy? I can't tell if it's a tourist trap or actually high quality food and fun.

If not Pink Door, do you have any suggestions for some other food/entertainment venues?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I haven't been there for the show although I hear it's fun. If it were me, I'd want to be outside these days because the weather is so fantastic. The Pink Door has a great deck, maybe you could be outside for part of the night and then move inside for the show? The food is decent. Not high quality but not horrible either.

    1. i haven't been to the pink door in a while, but generally, it's stuck around as long as it has because it's solid. it's not even in the running for best meal in town, but it's not bad.

      on the other hand, the food is awful but if you like jazz, dimitriou's jazz alley is (imho) one of the best consistent live entertainment venues in town (it's also kind of got a fun, supper club-y vibe). i'd suggest maybe getting dinner first at list in belltown (try for a seat on the patio - great food, good wine list). if the market is more your scene - and if spicy food is ok with you - i'd suggest trying chan (an excellent, if tiny, korean restaurant in pike place). both are not-unreasonable walking distance from dimitriou's if you ate first and caught a show later; you could also do the reverse, as list in particular has a spectacular happy hour from 9-close, which you could easily hit after going to dimitriou's for some jazz.

      the view deck from maximilien is also fabulous. there's not usually live entertainment, but maximilien is "officially" the "most romantic place to kiss" in seattle. if you can get seated on the deck, the comings and goings in the harbor are pretty much their own show. they have good cocktail specials for happy hour. i have not eaten there in years, so you might want to check yelp or see if someone here has dined there more recently.

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        This is great, thank you both for your responses!

        Lauren, I had the same thought about trying to eat dinner outside and then moving in for the entertainment - I will call them to find out if it's doable.

        And Chartreauxx, I just walked by Dimitriou's tonight and wondered how it was, so thanks for the rec - I will see what's on that night. And I had never heard of Maximiilien, so will definitely check it out.

        Thanks again!

        1. re: kms41

          Maximilien is great as is Place Pigalle in the Market. No entertainment but darned good food and views. You can hit Jazz Alley or Pink Door for the entertainment portion of your evening.

          1. re: kms41

            Triple Door serves pretty-good food from Wild Ginger, upstairs. The offerings stand quite above most entertainment venues. It has a great sound system and good lines of sight and is a lovely place for a night out. Demetrios is a notch below Alaska Airlines food (which is pretty good, considering), where 3-Door is a solid notch above.

            1. re: mrnelso

              Agreed. The wise game plan at Jazz Alley should be to consume as little of their food as possible, and to eat just before, or just after, at Palace Kitchen, which is virtually next door. Also other Tom Douglas properties are in a cluster, at 4th & Virginia, just a couple of blocks away (Dahlia Lounge & Dahlia Bakery, Lola, and Serious Pie).

              Agree as well that the Wild Ginger kitchen service at Triple Door is good enough to make it a one stop destination, although again one is within a couple of blocks of some superior dining possibilities.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                Thanks all. I appreciate these suggestions. I did not know about the Triple Door, so was happy to hear about that. Too bad they have something called the "Seagals" calendar release party the night of my husband's bday. I think I'll pass on that one...

                Any other thoughts on the Pink Door? That's still seeming like the best bet for the particular day I'm looking at.


                1. re: kms41

                  I must say, I certainly tend toward Chow-worthy resto's like many here, but I still reserve a special place in my heart for the Pink Door - and find that the combo of the deck in summer and careful ordering can make a magical night.

                  The ambiance is wonderful (you really do feel like you are somewhere in Italy sitting out there). If you get say, the mixed antipasto platter - decent charcuterie, good white beans, roasted peppers, tapenade - share a small pasta, and perhaps if they have a whole roasted fish on offer, you should be great.

                  Sometimes, when I am in Italy, it isn't JUST the food, but the setting, the company, etc. that makes for a perfect evening.

                  I would call tho, to see about the entertainment - it is a fun fun show, but the bar itself is where it happens, and it fills up well ahead in anticipation - so don't know about moving for the show.....

                  Let us know what you do!

                  1. re: gingershelley

                    I completely agree with everything gingershelley says. Stay with the plan, confer with the Pink Door staff about your goals for the evening, and have a great night.

                  2. re: kms41

                    you might be able to talk your husband into honoring the release of a worthy calendar. It's his birthday...