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Jul 18, 2013 07:49 PM

Novel, KC/MO

Have you been? What did you have/ think of it? We live down the street, and as big momofuku fans, have been eagerly waiting with baited breath. I hope my expectations arent too high.

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  1. We went last night and found that our expectations were met. I wish we could afford to come here on a 2x a month basis. I simply cannot remember the last time I ate food of this caliber.

    What we ate:

    Tomato strawberry salad: Only salad I've ever had with berries that I actually enjoyed, which is unfortunate as they are so ubiquitous in the Midwest. Obviously, tomatoes are delicious right now, and it was great to get a dish that let them sing, while providing an interesting counterbalance.

    Corn soup with clams: pureed corn soup with seaweed and cooked clams. Very smooth and corn-y with nice chew and salty of seaweed. Very delicate, refreshing and lovely to look at.

    Arctic Char with Potatoes and Smoked Cream:
    Beautifully cooked piece of fish. Potatoes were nicely bathed in smoked cream with dots of crispy itty bitty potato chips and trout roe. Smoked flavor and salty roe provided a level of complexity that made this dish a delight. I think I could identify purslane and shiso as herbs on the fish, but there were several I couldn't.

    Ricotta Gnocchi:
    Exceptionally tender pillows of housemade gnocchi (that make me realize how far from perfect my own are) in buttery tomato sauce/ tomato-y butter and delicate ribbons of zucchini. Really tasty for a vegetarian dish, but wish it had more protein.

    Peach Cake:
    Very comforting compared to sophistication of apps and entrees, mainly due to portion size. Moist peachy (coconut?) cake with creme fraiche (cant really remember) and blueberry sauce

    Apricot Panna Cotta:
    Least successful dish we had, but mainly because of standard of rest of meal. Subtly perfumed, but overall dish seemed a little too gelatin-y and baby food-y.

    With several drinks and tip, this meal came to $125. May have to cut down our eating out elsewhere in town to afford to come here frequently.

    I know it is early days, but maybe this will be such a success that he can take over that destined for failure antiques shop on the corner, and turn it into a casual lunchonette by day/ bar with craft beer by night.