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best (nearest/cheapest) parking for salumi? + wait time suggestions 7/25/13?

visiting seattle next week
mom wants to see the hotel at the corner of bitter and sweet
conveniently, it is only a few blocks from salumi
so i am going to wait in line to pick up some sandwiches

what has the line situation been like lately?
am planning on getting there before 11, should i be thinking 10:30 or so?

mahalo (thanks) in advance



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  1. We'll be up in mid-August so looking forward to this answer. Not concerned about parking as we'll be on public transpo but interested in the wait.

    1. my research comes up with this
      $3 an hour parking just north of salumi 300 2nd ave ext
      is this my best option?

      1. I tend to go late, after the big lunch rush, usually after 2:30 or 3 pm. The lines are much shorter then--not more than a few minutes. They might have run out of a few things, but I can always find something I want! However, do note that they have been known to close up early, shortly after 3 pm, if they've run out of too many things.

        At that hour I've often found street parking in front of Seattle Lighting, right across 2nd Avenue Extension S. (this is Google Maps' label for this street--I can't remember seeing "Extension" on the street signs. Of course, there is also another 2nd Avenue S. a couple of blocks west of there). If that doesn't work, there is a pay lot around the corner, behind Salumi, at Main and 2nd Avenue S. (the other one--not the Extension). If I'm determined enough to go there that I'll pay, this is where I park.

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          much mahalos
          what about the opening line?
          are people still sending their flunkies/personal assistants/paralegals/gofers/mailroom staff etc to stand in line?
          how early should i line up?

        2. It is the summer, so the lines can be worse. Getting there at 10:30 should ensure you of being among the first people served. Getting there are 11 sharp, there is normally a 15-20 person line. They work fairly quickly, but it is still a wait. There is plenty of on-street parking around there for the downtown rates ($4/hour if I remember correctly)

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          1. If worst comes to worst and you can't make it to Salumi, DeLaurenti Specialty Foods in Pike Place Market sells a pretty large selection of the meats from Salumi, and they've always been super-nice and patient about seling me packets with 8-12 thin slices of the different meats to sample on my own. You'll probably want to visit Pike Place Market anyway, so there's a backup plan for you.

            (I should note that I've been to Seattle twice now and was never able to make it to Salumi, but I've hit DeLaurenti both times).

            1. Salumi is only a 3 block walk from the Panama Hotel. I recommend you park near the hotel and walk to Salumi. I imagine your mother will wait there while you make the sandwich run? (It's downhill to Salumi, uphill to return). The hotel has a nice tea shop where she can linger and relax.

              Where will you be staying while in Seattle? I would definitely arrive by 10:30 a.m. to avail yourself of their offerings for the day. On sunny days the lines will be longer, on cloudy/rainy days they will be shorter. Looks like we are having good weather into next week, so you will most likely be standing in line with the other tourists!

              FYI - my favorite sandwiches are the mole and mozzarella or the hot sopressata on guiseppe bread with all the fixins!

              1. ok, I parked in front of seattle lighting as suggested
                got there at 10:20
                one couple from Wisconsin in front of me
                by 10:40 half a dozen behind me
                by 10:50 15 behind me
                when they opened at 11, we went in and ordered
                by the time I was leaving with my sandwiches, there were over 20 people out the door!
                mahalo (thanks) for the advice
                had porchetta, beef tongue, margherita, and pork shoulder
                liked the pork shoulder the best



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                  Nice job scoping parking. Hit the line right, too, and a good assortment selection. Hope for a next time when you can get the Prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich with fig confit and a meatball sandwich (hot and saucy). The Kitchen in the back has a cruisable common table that turns quickly enough for relatively comfortable and convivial lurking. The kitchen is where the family recipe specials in the display case are cooked-up for you. Pasta al forno, Ribollito, pork cheeks. Sit right down with Wisconsin and introduce them to the next lurker. It's entirely kosher, by the way, to forego the sandwich menu altogether, skip around the line directly back to the kitchen to lurk, sit, order, eat, pay and leave. You might need a local guide for your first try at this, but it is richly worth it.

                2. Salumi is the pivot from Pioneer Square to Chinatown. Both of these zones are busily commercial with streets busting with shoppers and cars. By myself, I love to cruise the neighborhood for street parking. It keeps me tuned-up and I've got the time (10-15 min is enough). There are pay-lots all over, but I don't know one from another because I always find a spot.