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Jul 18, 2013 07:09 PM

Need a great pub near Southampton Pier...will be at Premier Quay Hotel

will be in town one nite pre-cruise and wanted a good but inexpensive dinner where the locals go..

We will be staying at the Premier Quay Hotel.

Please advise...


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  1. I think this place is fairly popular and the prices don't look exorbitant. When we're down that way, we usually eat in the New Forest so I can't recommend it personally, but it does appear in a copy I have (a few years old) of The Good Food Guide.

    1. White Star on Oxford Street gets a mention in Hardens.

      Could be perfect for you pre-cruise, Andy - it's name is bound to be connected with the passenger shipping company - Titanic and all that (allthough perhaps that's not a good thing to remind you of pre-cruise)

      (Whoops. I see zuriga has alreayd pointed you towards it)