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Jul 18, 2013 07:08 PM

Bi-lingual Chinese cookbooks

While walking through SF Chinatown, I stumbled upon Sino-American Books & Arts on Jackson St. In the front, they have an selection of bilingual Chinese and English cookbooks, each marked on the side with a sticker. It's not an enormous selection, but worth checking out if you're in the neighborhood. A few Pei Mei books and others. No Wei-Chuan books.

For $25, there's also a Chinese only Sichuan cookbook from a few decades back. It's one volume of a several volume regional Chinese culinary set. For the pictures alone, I thought about buying it.

The owner, a Taiwanese woman named Mama Jiang (sp?), was very friendly and gave me lots of cooking tips, and even a bite of her lunch!

Sino-American Books & Arts
751 Jackson St San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 421-3345

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  1. They have a good selection of english-chinese children books as well.

    You might want to check out Eastwind (1435 Stockton St), it's in the basement next to the bank. They have quite a big selection of english-chinese cookbooks.

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