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Jul 18, 2013 06:17 PM

Griffin Claw Brew Pub (new), B-Ham [DTW]

Tried the new brew pub Griffin Claw over by the Birmingham train station / sister resto Big Rock. It was packed to capacity. About what you'd expect. Professionally prepared pub grub, good beer, fresh baked pretzels, stylish corporate upscale character.

My burger was respectable even if not memorable. Served on a 4in diameter brioche, with two juicy medium-well* patties, lettuce, tomato and raw onion, with battered fries and a big spicy pickle. $12. Cheese is $1.50 extra. *not offered cooked-to-order.

Very wide house brew selection. High ABV. Beautiful aroma. Taste didn't quite match my ridiculously high expectation, but was good. I probably need to work my way thru the whole current list, to find my favorites. ;-)

65% dudes, 35% chicks (the women who were there tonight will dispute that and say 50%:50%, but I have tallies recorded and filed).

Seating was shared, beer hall style, which some patrons didn't seem to grasp, as they spread widely out across their "own table" so as to discourage others from sharing their space with them.

I'll be back. Homemade beer is a good thing. But, overall, this is not the kind of place with which regulars fall in love. It is the kind of place everybody "likes."

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  1. Wow. $12 for a not-cooked-to-order functional burger. An *additional* $1.50 for cheese. The onions weren't even grilled.

    Before I go all medieval on GCBP on this, I need to be fair and say that this "behavior" is starting to run rampant all over the place...but $12? Twelve stinking dollars? For a burger that's not even *memorable*? I mean, sheesh...where's the stinking line anymore?

    I'll spot that at least it includes fries, but man...when the burger is that freaking high, I'm just not interested, especially if it's not memorable.

    Sounds like it's just plain not the place for me.

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    1. re: boagman

      Yes, I felt a bit pompous spending $36 (incld t&t) for two beers, one burger/fries and my half of a shared appetizer, particularly since there was all of about one black customer in this whole big B-Ham establishment--- while Detroit literally was still filing its bankruptcy papers that afternoon to head-off an injunction by aged municipal pensioners residing in worthless homes.

      That being said, the owner of Griffin Claw did just invest (I think) $5M in this establishment, so I can understand why he would not be shaving his margins too, too closely, just for the comfort of a middle class cheapskate such as myself.

      PS—Why DO places put a nearly quarter inch thick, solid raw onion slice on to a burger? How could anyone not have to messily pick all or most of that out of the goopy sandwich construction?