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Jul 18, 2013 06:13 PM

Really good homestyle Mexican in ORANGE COUNTY area (or nearby)

For a reception party with approx. 40 guests.

Traditional catering would be ideal but not necessary.

Requisites are: 1) inexpensive! 2) authentic Mexican homestyle cooking 3) delicious, fresh, flavorful, etc!

It could be a restaurant, canteen or taqueria (though not limited strictly to street style food!), the contact of a person or persons whether independent or through a highly recommended catering company. As long as the ingredients are fresh, the flavors are authentic, the price is reasonable, and it could be arranged to accommodate a party of approx. 40 people near Orange County.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Again, I'm willing to reach out to restaurants or small family owned and run establishments to inquire about catering if anyone has any recommendations to offer.


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  1. Try El Farolito in Placentia.

      1. It's a very big county, whereabouts would the event take place ?

        In central OC, there are bazillions of "homestyle" (authentic") places in Santa Ana, for example. Personally I love a taqueria called Taqueria Two Guys (, the food is awesome and the owners and staff couldn't be more accomodating and friendly, you should check it out and talk with them, I'd bet they'd be happy to meet your needs.

        You might also want to check out a great truck called Tacos Ruben Y Mulitas:

        And, in the Huntington Beach area there's a wonderful place called Taqueria Don Victor, they do many things well but the specialty is barbacoa using lamb, and of course the tortillas are handmade (like the two places above as well). It's fantastic stuff !

        1. +1 on El Farolito. It is family run (one of the owners' sons is on my son's soccer team) and definitely fits your requirement food-wise. The carnitas are my go to dish. Also in Placentia is El Sabroso Grill. They have a great selection of tacos (asada, carnitas, lengua, tripas, cabeza, al pastor, etc.), all of which are great.

          +1 on Taqueria Two Guys. I would add Taqueria Zamora in Santa Ana. House-made corn tortillas and really solid food. Their space is divided into two rooms, but it could easily accommodate your group. Not sure if they will shut down the whole space for you, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

          1. +2 on El Farolito and the carnitas.

            I just came back from Taqueria 2 Guys and loved it. First time there and it's as authentic as you can get. Family owned small store in SA. Great pastor, chorizo and chicken tacos. $1.29 per taco. I enjoyed T2G much more than Zamora. I felt like the tacos at Zamora were big but the meats didn't have the same quality. The beans and that hot salsa at Zamora are excellent as well as the home made tortillas. For the actual fillings inside the taco I would go with T2G.

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              Good points on Zamora. Now that I think about it, I usually go for breakfast and/or don't order tacos. The tacos are bigger than I like, and I don't love their carnitas, but just about everything else I've tried there has been great (asada, chicken enchiladas, sopes are a few of the dishes I've enjoyed). The breakfast items are hard to beat, too. I love their chilaquiles (red or green), huevos rancheros, machaca and chorizo plates.