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Jul 18, 2013 05:28 PM

A week in Florence and too many choices.

A delightful greetings to all. 2 years ago I posted both an inquiry and eventually the trip report of our 16 day visit in Provence. The point being- the chowhound community responded with a wealth of information and opinions that helped guide us to one of our more memorable trips. I hope it will occur again! We're spending a week in Lucca, another near Radda and finally, Florence. While we have thoroughly enjoyed following our noses during the previous 4 visits to Florence, I'm doing a bit more research this time. I Due G was one of our walk by then in "discoveries" and we'll definitely visit again. We're staying in the Oltarno in early Sept.

A number of our possibles for dinner or a sit down lunch are
Trattoria Diladdarno, La Casalinga, Osteria Santo Spirito and Mama Gina in the Oltarno, and Trattoria Antico Fattore, Osteria il Buongustai and Sostanza in Central Storico. Chances are we'll take lunch on the fly, Nerbone, Mario's seem safe bets, but anyone know about Il Cernacchino on Via della Condotta or Chiaroscuro near P d Repubblica?
Suggestions as well as opinions are welcomed!

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  1. We spent a week in the Oltrarno a couple of years ago and enjoyed the wine bar Le volpi e l'uva, just over the Ponte Vecchio, and left past a piazza and under an arch -- a good selection of wines and yummy nibbles.

    1. Last night two friends and I had a truly incredible meal - the best I've ever had in Florence, after several stints of living here - at La Bottega del Buon Caffe. Slightly more pricey than the average trattoria, but not too much, and so worth it. We especially recommend the tortino di pecorino and the cappelletti di burrata with sea urchin. Both incredible. The service is friendly and attentive, and the wine list has many reasonably priced options. Can't recommend it highly enough.

      1. Il Cernacchino is a very simple place, mostly known for their stews, tripe, etc. served in hallowed out rolls. It's good, but more of a lunch place.

        Chiraroscuro is a nice coffee shop, with a back room where you can sit down.

        1. I personally like Il Cernacchino, and it's perfect for lunch on the fly. Two sisters run it, they also own a restaurant in the Chianti region and they make most of the food there and bring it in every day to Florence - there's barely a kitchen in their space. There is some limited seating upstairs (and a bathroom) or you can take the food to Piazza Signoria and find somewhere to sit there. Their signature dishes are really best for cool weather (peposo, etc.) but they make a good selection of fresh salads in the summer.

          Chiaroscuro is one of Florence's best coffee bars and has an endless selection of coffee and shakerato type coffee drinks. It is also a place for a quick lunch - every day they have a selection of three or four main dishes, a couple primi and a couple sides, usually costs under 10 euro per person and is pretty good.