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Jul 18, 2013 04:42 PM

Suggestions for food and cooking shows on youtube, etc!

I am suddenly craving some food for the eyes—I know there are some good culinary documentaries on youtube, such as this one about sushi:

And meanwhile the PBS website has a whole section of old Julia Child cooking shows:
There are also complete episodes of Jacques Pepin as well as Alton Brown's Good Eats series on youtube.

What else might be good? Suggestions appreciated.

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  1. A Love Supreme is a short film which is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The film maker documents his mother making samosas before her arthritis gets to the point that she can no longer do it. Make sure to have the speakers on; though there is no speaking, the sounds are key.

    Here are two links. The video and a bit of commentary.

    1. I'm miserable just from watching him eat all that sushi.

      Even if you have a PC there are many excellent podcasts (audio and video) available for free on iTunes as well as iTunes University.

      YouTube has quite a few chef-centered channels of course. Heston Blumenthal's hasn't been updated lately but it's got some lively content.

      1. Enjoyed this one recently, Michelin Stars The Madness of Perfection (and French tire sales)

        1. Richard Blaise is doing a series called "Burger Lab" on YouTube, if you like his style of cooking you might enjoy the series. It's on the "Tasted" channel (, they seem to have a good amount of content but I haven't really had a chance to explore their other offerings. You can also find Harvard's "Science and Cooking" lecture series on YouTube. Definitely worth a watch.