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Jul 18, 2013 03:12 PM

A Thursday night in Erie

The most recent thread I've seen on Erie is about a year old - anything new we should know about? We're staying at the Sheraton on the lake, and reviews of the Smuggler's Wharf seem rather mixed. Any other options within walking distance?

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  1. The Sheraton is a nice location. While there are not any great restaurants close by, there are a number of "good" places that you can walk to. One of my favorites is Pufferbelly. If you walk up State Street past the hospital and turn left, it is on the street running parallel to State. Also along the waterfront is the Sloppy Duck which has a nice second floor deck overlooking a marina. If you like a dive bar, Rum Runners is right down the alley past Smugglers Wharf. Rum Runners has an outdoor seating area on the water. It's not the nicest place, but the people have always been friendly.

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      Thanks much. I'll check out Pufferbelly for dinner, and maybe we'll stop at the Sloppy Duck for a drink afterwards.

    2. I happened to be in Erie yesterday, and stopped at a brew pub on State Street called The Tap House. It's also within walking distance from the Sheraton. It's not on the water, but the food was pretty good and the beer selection was impressive (although I'm no expert). About a block from Pufferbelly.

      1. We ended up at the Sloppy Duck. I was looking for perch and that fit the bill. Thanks!