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Jul 18, 2013 03:01 PM

Pizza Pura VS. All Souls Pizza-Asheville

I understand that All Souls Pizza just opened on Clingman
Menu looks interesting . Seems the Pizza tends toward the Thin Crust(which I prefer)
Anybody tried both establishments?
Comparisons? and Preferences?
This may start the Pizza Wars
Throw in Favilla

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  1. All Souls Pizza's Ham and Egg pizza is the third best pizza I have had in my life. I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post about it on my blog but here is the nuts and bolts

    "First, the crust is just the right version of crisp. I don’t understand these pizza places that are serving pizza where the crust is soft in the middle. Do people actually enjoy that? Sure I like to fold my slices, but Christ I don’t need a Droopy Dog pie, where I spend my time eating most of my ingredients on the pan instead of the actual slice.

    Second, holy shit I’m such a whore for food with a cooked egg on top. Yeah break that yoke and let it run ever so slowly over the country ham, cheese, and crust and just let Barry White take over the narration of what you are about to experience.

    Now I know your inner redneck is screaming, ‘hey I could really go for a side of ranch or Papa John’s garlic sauce for my crust.’ Be quiet Bobby Hill and just dip that crust in the yolk and thank me later.

    The only complaints I foresee about All Souls is the price, which people will take to the Interwebs to claim things like, ‘I can get two pizzas at Dominos for the price of this medium sized pizza.’ But I will take one ham and egg pie over two chicken, bacon, and ranch pies any day. Put down the ranch bro! "

    Pizza Pura is the Droopy Dog pie I had recently. Way to doughy in the middle and too much salt. But others have said really great things, so don't take my word for it, because people seem to love Favilla's and I have never had a good experience with them.

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      Oh....ham and egg pizza. Now I have to go soon. Tried to go today and found they're closed on Sundays. I was bummed.