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Jul 18, 2013 02:07 PM

Rhode Island Dining Scene: Be Cautious

Just cut and paste this to your browser This is all over the web.


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  1. It is sensationalism reporting. You will find that in ANY city in the US.

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      Don't think so. When a local magazine does it the state is sending a message and BTW these are not the worst I have all reports sent to me and If I pasted them it would scare people.

    2. Hope st pizza "dishwasher did not wash hands between loading soiled dishes and removing clean dishes". That happens in every restaurant hundreds of times a night. Sensational is right...Hopefully the non restaurant working public are aware that not every violation is life threatening shut down the kitchen type of situation.

      1. Yeah a lot of these are things that happen everywhere everyday, but I was a little concerned about a place that I "used" to eat at, Andreas. That thing about the gnawing, bugs and rodent urine was, disturbing.