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Jul 18, 2013 01:23 PM

Homemade Breadsticks

I have really gotten into making my own pizza and now can make a pizza to rival most pizza places. The problem is that I love having breadsticks with my pizza and I cannot seem to get these right. There are so many breadstick recipes on the web that look good but when I look at them they all seem to be the same. They are usually just pizza or bread dough with some oil/butter and herbs. Whenever I try this, it just turns into a flat, mediocre tasting flatbread where the flavor doesn't make it past the surface. I am comfortable with homemade dough but I can't get the light, puffy, full flavored breadsticks that I get at restaurants. Any tips or ideas from anyone??

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  1. Use a different dough. If you want light and fluffy, it will be a different recipe.
    Here's a search for a copy cat recipe for Olive Garden breadsticks:

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      Yeah, I have tried several different doughs, but maybe I should just try another one, thanks!

    2. I helped Friend who owns a Pizza Joint for a while. We used the same Dough we used for the Pizza Crust. Rolled or pressed it out much thicker than you would for a Neapolitan Pie though. It was about 1/3 of an inch or so, Topped with Garlic and Parm, cut about an Inch wide and baked. They worked great.

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        I will try this next time. Maybe I have my dough too thin. Thanks for the tip!

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          You could also let them rise a bit, not too much though or they will lose structure. May be 20-30 min.

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            Perfect, thanks, I will give that a try too!