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Jul 18, 2013 01:01 PM

Seattle doughnuts?


A friend and I are in Seattle for the day for "bite of Seattle", (which I just read from Yelp is actually underrated at best . . .) Anyway, I've been on a doughnut craze since going to cartems in Vancouver and wondering where I can get some amazing doughnuts/doughnut-like pastries in Seattle. PS we don't have a car.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Dieters turn away now.
    Start with Top Pot plain old fashioned.
    Not "doughnut-like" so much, but highlights of Seattle's pastry scene are Cafe Besalu (croissant), Bakery Nouveau (twice baked almond croissant), Irwin's Blueberry Muffin. All 3 places have lots more winners, too.

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    1. re: mrnelso

      Seattle donuts are nothing special. Take this advice and find croissants.

      1. re: sweetpotater

        Agreed. And in that case, Besalu are the best!

        1. re: sweetpotater

          if you're doing croissants, le panier in the market has become something of a tourist trap but still turns out some of my all-time favorite croissants and amandines.

          they're a dessert item at a restaurant, not a stand-alone doughnut place, but the zeppole at tavolata are good. revel in fremont serves unconventional but delicious doughnuts on their weekend brunch menu. and of course the international district offers all kinds of fun ways to try fried dough.

          1. re: chartreauxx

            When I'm at Pike Place, a pain aux raisins or au chocolat from le panier is a must buy.

      2. The made-to-order ones at Dahlia Bakery are pretty good. The ones at Daily Dozen in Pike Place Market are greasy and surely terrible for you but also hot and fresh and delicious-in-a-disgusting-way.

        1. Top Pot is the place in Seattle proper. There are a couple places outside of the city, but would require a car. Closest Top Pot to the Bite (Seattle Center) is on 5th (about a 6-7 block walk).

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          1. re: BallardFoodie

            Agreed that Top Pot makes the best quality doughnut I've eaten in Seattle, but they are just to sweet for me. I don't have a better suggestion, though. Other than a croissant, that is.

          2. Thanks everyone, looks like I might have to end my croissant drought (I decided to not ever eat croissants in N America since they would surely disappoint in comparison to the ones I had while on exchange in France).

            My arteries are crying already!

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            1. re: cbg90

              Definitely check out the croissant at Cafe Besalu in Ballard. Some who have actually been to France have reported they are on par with those found in Paris. I have not been to France, but they are the best I have ever tasted.

              1. re: LemonyRoux

                I have been to France, and the ones at Besalu are indeed on par with croissants I had there.

                That said, I don't know that they're completely consistent. I've had a few Besalu croissants that were just good, and then other days that they were AMAZING. I hope if you try them you get an amazing day!

            2. I hadn't been in a while, and didn't actually remember them being so great, but I had a Mighty O donut last month and it was pretty great.

              They recently won some "Food Network Challenge" against some national competitors, so they;ve got that cred.


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              1. re: GreenYoshi

                I agree. When Mighty O first opened, their doughnuts were inedible, imo. They've definitely changed their recipe and are quite tasty now.

                That said, I still prefer the maple old fashioned at Top Pot.

                1. re: Lauren

                  Thank you Lauren. I felt like a bit of a Troll because I, too, was gob-smacked that Mighty-O got even one vote after that atrocious opening. Those may have been doughnuts in some faddish political sense, but all my mouth could say was >>what??? It was so gruesome, in fact, that even your good word, which you know I adore, is still holding me back from another approach, and I am holding out for further confirmation that anything there is more edible than cardboard (yummy fiber there though).

                  1. re: mrnelso

                    My thoughts exactly. My impression of them was "If you're not vegan, why?" I don't have a really high bar for edible donuts, but one Mighty-O was enough for a lifetime. Have they really changed that much?

                    1. re: Jeri L

                      Definitely give them another try. I don't know if they radically changed the recipe or what, but what they're serving up now is good stuff.

                      These are donuts that happen to be vegan more than "vegan donuts".

                      1. re: GreenYoshi

                        Thanks Yoshi. This is now back on my to do list.
                        Given my faves at TP are the Old Fashioned and an occasional maple bar, what do you recommend at MO?

                        1. re: mrnelso

                          My favorite is the chocolate peanut. A cake donut (i like both the vanilla and chocolate) with a chocolate glaze covered with chopped peanuts. Unlike other donuts of that variety, the roasted peanut flavor really comes through.

                          The raspberry chocolate is also good one. But raspberry and chocolate is my #1 flavor combination, so this might be personal preference rather than objective judgment.

                          Thinking about it, I actually don't know if they do raised donuts like a maple bar. (Maybe because yeast is an "animal" making it non-vegan? I don't know. I think I'm making that up... maybe they do have raised donuts that I'm just not thinking about right now)

                          1. re: GreenYoshi

                            I think you're right - no raised, just cake.

                            Remember how dense they used to be? Dense, dry and flavorless is how I remember them. Now they are much lighter, have a softer crumb and decent flavor. I think I tried a lemon cardamom or something like that, as well as a chocolate one.

                            I don't want to oversell you on them, just make a course correction on my initial postings about them. Keep in mind they are walking distance from my house and I've been there once in the past year or so!