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Jul 18, 2013 12:50 PM

Neighborhood family-friendly eats

We are staying in Schaumburg this weekend (7/19-7/21), but hoping to spend some time in some of Chicago's great neighborhoods. We have a 3 year old and an infant, which limits what we (and others) can stomach, if you will. It looks like Andersonville has a lot of interesting shops, and I saw a reference to Anteprima as a possible dining option in that neighborhood. Any other neighborhoods (or specific stretches of streets/blocks) with fun shops and good restaurants that we could tour before everyone melts down and we return to the suburbs? Open to anything but seafood. Breakfast, brunch and lunch ideas are best, since kiddos sleep in the afternoon and shops are likely closed in the evening, I assume? Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can try going to Wicker Park. They have several family friendly restaurants there. The brunch at Hot Chocolate has always been a favorite of mine, me being a chocoholic and all. Feast and Francesca Forno on North and Damen is also good. Most restaurants in the area should be able to accommodate your needs. There are several shops and dining opportunities for your family along the stretch of Milwaukee, Damen and North Ave.

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        There's also a Bongo Room around there as well as a Glazed and Infused. Antique Taco is good and more kid friendly than Big Star. Don't miss the Boring Store by 826CHI.

      2. Andersonville is a good choice and you can park your car for relatively cheap. You may also want to check out Lincoln Square. It has a toy store and a lovely fountain in the Plaza that kids play in. You may also want to check out Old Town School of Music to see if they have any kid concerts (Wiggleworms is a hit with my 3 year old niece). Also, tons of good family eats. I like Fork - which recently had a review that it was good for kids. I also like The Chicago Brauhaus for German food and dancing, Los Nopales for Mexican, and the gelato shop adjacent to the Plaza.

        1. I assume you already know a about m.henry and Big Jones in Andersonville? Big Jones takes lunch/brunch reservations, too.

          Coffee Studio for a pick me up. We love browsing Brimfield, Room Service, and some of the other housewares shops but it's not really kid friendly. The Swedish American Museum is right there though.

          Oh, and walked past Haymaker today & they're still renovating. Argh!