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Denver area: Red Rocks, 285 & S. Wadsworth

Going to a concert at Red Rocks for the first time in a couple of weeks, we are staying in the 285/S.Wadsworth area. Any good restaurants in that area?

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  1. White Fence Farm is a fun place in the area. If you can handle rustic, the Little Bear Saloon in Evergreen has a long history and it's pretty close to Red Rocks. Pizza and beer.

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      I love Little Bear, but that is a bit of a haul from 285 and Wads :)

      Wyo, this BBQ place is really good and right near where you're staying: http://pigginout.com/new/ I went on a Saturday with a friend and they had ran out of most things by around 5pm, so it's probably better for lunch if you're going on a weekend.

    2. FYI, Red Rocks is owned by the City of Denver and you are allowed to bring in food, just not alcoholic beverages. I once bought a seat for my spread of shrimp, cheese, pate, bread, and fruit. Fiddlers Green Amphitheater is privately owned and you can't even bring in water. At the Denver Botanic Gardens amphitheater, anything goes, with elaborate food spreads and wine flights.

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        Thanks for the info!, So, we could get something "to go" and bring it in!
        We are going to the Doobies and Steve Miller.

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          Goodness, with that musical pairing and the new Colorado pot law, it will be pretty intense! Bring munchies!

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      2. Head to Golden & eat at Santiago's (mexican food, local chain, hot green chile) or Empanada Express. The empanadas are very good, but best eaten while hot. Last show we went to at Red Rocks, there were numerous people bringing in food. Just don't bring in glass. You can drink alcohol while waiting in line for the doors to open, just can't bring it in.

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          Beer and I think wine are sold at Red Rocks during events.

        2. It looks like we are expanding the trip to the next day, driving I-70 to Hwy 40, to 34, up over the mountains, through the park, down to Estes.
          I'm thinking I might bring a cooler and our picnic bag, and stop somewhere the day before for some cheese, salami, fruit, etc. We don't have WF here, so that might be a treat. Not sure where we will stay that night, but maybe Ft. Collins, depends on the drive.

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            If you stop in Ft Collins, you should check out The Cupboard. It's a kitchen store and is lots of fun :) It's in Old Town so there's lots of little cute restaurants and things nearby too.

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                Added bonus: Ft Collins is a Mecca for small breweries.

          2. probably too late, but Moe's BBQ at Kipling & Morrison Rd is awesome!

            Great wings, BBQ, and awesome sides.

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              Lots of time. The show is Sunday August 4.

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                Sorry...I guess I should have read this closer. I was under the impression you wanted something you could do picnic style. Moe's would be a great choice, but its dine-in experience may be lacking for some.

                The Keg in Lakewood is a pretty solid steakhouse, has a nice happy hour, good steaks and an awesome patio. This sounds weird, but the Keg Mini Dogs are awesome! Each little wiener is topped with bacon jam, tomatoes, pesto aioli, Cheddar and Jack. They are insane!

                Also, Grappa in Golden has a huge patio and reasonable Happy Hour. The patio looks out onto Clear Creek which makes for a nice setting. I've only had beers and apps out there, but the crab cakes were very good. They also are one of the select few places that pour Barmen Pilsner. Barmen was invented at The Sandlot Brewery inside Coors field which has generated some amazing brews. The Pils takes 7 minutes to be poured correctly. It's very yummy on a warm summer night.

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                  You know Jefferson County very well!

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                    Both would be fine, either dine in or take out to the venue. Thanks for the recommendations!

                2. Concert was great, but....
                  First, I wish I would have known about the tailgating culture, yeah, I knew one could bring food in, but it was an extensive tailgating party, and we had already eaten. We did run into friends in the parking lot, though, and they shared a cocktail.
                  Second, we used a debit card at a restaurant, and a gas station. Our account was cleaned out by thieves a couple of weeks later, either by the restaurant employees or a device on the gas pump. Luckily, the credit union covered the loss immediately.