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Jul 18, 2013 11:47 AM

Class Act at Yakitori Zai

We were looking forward to meeting friends for our first visit to this place, but when we arrived they were standing out front with the owner, who explained that they were closed because of a venting issue. They had tried to reach everyone who had made a reservation, but somehow they had missed us (and I had snagged a perfect parking place right next door, nearly unheard of in the South End!). After a brief conference, we decided to follow the owner's suggestion and we all trooped across the street to the South End Buttery, where the YZ owner explained what had happened and asked if they could give us a table. We were promptly seated and had a perfectly nice meal, although I did miss those Japanese skewers. At the end, instead of the check, the YZ owner's card was put on our table and we were told that our meal was comped. Thank you, Yakitori Zai, we hope you are back up and running soon so we can give you another try!

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    1. So far I've only been in for ramen (why are they not packed to the brims every Saturday and Sunday at lunch? It's far better than what Uni is offering in the evenings), and while this is an over-the-top gesture, I'm not at all surprised that these were the kind of guys to make it. They have the two things you can never fake in service -- pride in product, and a desire to see happy guests.

      1. Wow. I've read some conflicting reviews about YZ and as such haven't tried it yet. But after reading that they take service this seriously, I'm definitely going to give it a shot.

        1. I second what Davis Sq Pro said. I have been wanting to give Yakitori Zai a try but haven't done it because of mixed reviews. This will make me give them a try. A class act indeed and a true representation of Japanese service.

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            This would be filed under "How to build a business 101"