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Favorite Guilty Pleasure near Financial District [San Francisco]

I am a diabetic fat guy coming to town and looking to break strict diet for one amazing treat. Sweet or savory doesn't matter but it just can't be healthy. Ideas?

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  1. Dim sum at Yank Sing, pasta at Perbacco, pizza and pasta at Cotogna.

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      All RL said plus cherry-picking cheese, cured meats, bread at the the Ferry Plaza during week-day lunch and settling in at the Wine Merchants' bar.


      Edited to add: 2:30 or later lunch at the counter at Tadich (your waiter selects your meal) with two martinis; oysters and California sparkling wine for lunch at the Hog Island counter in the Ferry Plaza; late lunch at Zuni Cafe with oysters, gimlets and a burger. It's just like playing hooky.

    2. Steak tartare and a Sidecar at Bix.

      1. If Saturday or Thursday, a porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti at the Ferry Building.

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          i like the wild salmon blt at hayes st. grill ferry building on saturdays. don't know if that is unhealthy enough, though.

        2. Have a chocolate brownie at one of the Specialties bake stores. They taste even better out of the day-old half-price tray.

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            Thanks for the tip. Yeah, brownies need to "cure."

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              On the other hand, the semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies at Specialty's Cafe are amazing when they are still warm out of the oven. They often have a new batch come out of the oven around 12:30-ish. But when they cool off, they are not nearly as good. At a price of 6 grams of saturated fat per cookie, I only get them when they're still warm.

          2. Sweet: If early in the day (they sell out), a Starter kouign amann from the Coffee Bar. All the better if it is an elusive hazelnut one, second fave is plain.

            Savoury: Harrow for happy hour -- a plate of crunchy Marcona almonds, plump castelvetrano olives and blistered shishito peppers ($3 each) with a glass of vermentino ($6) only Wed-Fri 5 to 6:30 though

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              Almonds, olives and peppers sound low glycemic.

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                  Not the Vermentino, though : -).

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                    Alcohol actually can lower your blood sugar, so it sounds like a good treat. The Kouign Amann though is deadly on all counts.

            2. Bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce at Hooker's Sweet Treats (a little out of the FiDi but not that far).

              1. Mission Bowling Center burger, followed up by a bacon-wrapped hot dog anywhere on Mission St. End it with the whiskey milkshake drink (name is escaping me) at Kronnerburger. And if you still have room, one of their burgers too, or a Mission-style carne asada burrito.

                ETA - oops, sorry, just realized you asked for Fidi... fried chicken at the Arik truck at lunch on Sansome. Altho... a BART ride to the Mission is only 10 mins...

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                    Is the milkshake drink Scotch or Bourbon?

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                      Looking at the menu, I am assuming it is the Scotcholate Milk cocktail listed; if so then Scotch

                  2. - No. 14 at Galette 88

                    - Garlic Fries with supersauce and a Straus vanilla soft serve (choco dipped) at Super Duper Burgers.

                    1. A California pork sisig burrito from Senor Sisig. With an egg. This is a burrito with french fries instead of rice, so not really representative of a SF burrito. However, it is delicious and probably pretty bad for you.

                      1. Sushi at Sushi In on Chestnut treat; and you need not break your diet.

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                          Not sure you understand what a diabetic's strict diet would be....it surely would NOT include white rice or other high-glycemic options.

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                            Uh... I think you missed the point of the OP's request... :)

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                              "looking to break strict diet for one amazing treat"

                          2. Mario's on Columbus at Union, next to Washington Square Park. Best panini in the city. Egg Plant Focaccia is out of this world. great people. All the locals wish it was on a hidden alley so it wasn't so packed with tourists. All-around greatest spot in North Beach to eat a sin against dietanity.