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Jul 18, 2013 09:48 AM

Summerliscious dinner at Earth Restaurant Rosedale

Disappointing. Rather cost cutting.

Service was attentive and pleasant.

First course was a tomato salad..maybe two small tomatoes sliced thinly. With a sprinkling of cheese. Nice smoked pepper dressing

Arctic Char: a small overcooked piece, swimming in a brown broth with slices of overcooked fennel, two small red skinned potatoes halved.

Generous and tasty pistachio custard.

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    1. I had a different experience. First of all, licious deals are mostly about the lunches. $15 for three good courses at a quality restaurant, hard to complain. Also, you didn't pick the better choices (gf & I split everything so we can try more dishes). We were eating a lot that day so chose lighter dishes.

      chilled courgette soup w croutons/goats cheese/herbs: simple clean flavours, proper temp, just right for summer.

      smoked sturgeon w/potato salad, pickled onions, cress, chips: delicious. the smoke really enhances the fish, lots of good textures going on, all the different flavours compliment each other really well actually. wish there was more of it.

      arctic char: yes a little overcooked. the broth with how they cooked the fish did not work at all. the fennel did not match. poorly thought out dish. should've chosen the steak, i think.

      vegetable quinoa cobb: didn't look like much but was decent. once again a good summer lunch choice.

      almond strawberry shortcake, sea buckthorn chantilly: once again, good seasonal choice. there might be a theme here. cake very good, lovely cooked strawberries, nice soft topping. not even close to being too sweet.

      dulce de leche ice cream sandwich: hefty and refreshing. nice solid cookie components. eat this quick.

      Many good lunch deals around, and this is one of them. I've always had favourable experiences here. The fish was the only mis-step. Don't miss out.

      1. Hah Dean we pretty much posted these at the same time, nice.

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          WHAT table were you sitting at??? I was inside, centre...12 noon

        2. Quality and quantity may vary. We just returned from the Sat lunch $15, same food...Yours was $25 at night, i believe. The tomato salad looked small when I saw it pass by, but the chorizo pogo which I had was enormous, came with citric fennel slaw. My wife had the smoked sturgeon -- cold smoked, three long slices, sorrel potato salad (lots of it). She also had the char, which was pretty big for lunch, smokey tomato broth, possibly the same kind of fennel. I had the flank steak which was thick cut and thus a bit chewy, on a bed of lovely pea-mushroom-scallion pesto mix..

          Dessert: pistachio custard which chocolate mousse, as you say, generous. And the dolce con leche ice cream sandwich. At $15 each, they were practically giving it away.