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Lawry's the Prime Rib is adding a rib-eye steak to the menu. First new item in 20 years.

Lawry's is adding it's first new menu item in more than 20 years starting Aug. 6th, The rib -eye will be served either as a 24-ounce bone-in or 12-ounce boneless steak, along with the famous spinning bowl salad, creamy scallop potatoes and crispy fried onions. any thoughts? steak house competition? anything else they should add?

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  1. They are going to add me to their frequent dining program (if they start one) with that 24 oz bone in rib eye. I'm getting that the next time we go...

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      Count me in also!

      I love prime rib, but I think I love rib eye even more. Assuming they keep their usual level of quality, I may have just found my default ribeye place.

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        They do have a frequent dining program. It's called VIP rewards. Been a member for awhile. Totally worth it, your accumulated points don't expire, they frequently have specials where you get double points. I get personalized season salt,for my birthday! Look at the bottom of the page for the link to read about it. http://www.lawrysonline.com/default

      2. I really like Lawry's. While I'll still get the prime rib, my wife loves a bone-in rib-eye so this might increase the appeal to her. I can't quibble with the main meal options, but at times I wish Lawry's had a couple of better appie options and definitely some better desserts. Though I am usually so gluttoned out by dessert that I rarely want one anyway.

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          I agree on more dessert variety but their hot fudge sundae made table side with the chilled silver bowl, nuts, extra fudge and whipped cream is really awesome. for me, the trifle and cheesecake, not so much.

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            Agree with that wonderful LA classic C.C. Brown's Hot Fudge sundae (they also sell jars of the fudge to take home too).

        2. That's interesting. One of my favorite spots and I guess they have all that prime rib there, so why not...are the scallop potato and crispy fried onions new? I don't remember those, just the mashed potatoes and baked. Will still be hard for me to get away from the roast beef, but i'm willing to take one for the team and try it out!

          1. according to the LA Times article today their last new item 20 years ago was fresh fish and before that believe it or not it was sour cream and bacon bits with the baked potatoes. Not much changes in 75 years.

            1. They're going to be basting it in butter.

              Utter fail.

              1. Gunning for next weekend here -- any early reports, please advise. Got a nice glossy photo of the rib eye with scallopped potatos and fried onions from the mailing list...says

                In honor of our 75th Anniversary, Lawry's The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills is introducing our first new entrée in over two decades!
                The Technique: We slow cook our classic standing rib roast over a bed of rock salt. Then, we portion each cut precisely using a custom-built band saw. Next, each portion is seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices. Finally, every Ribeye is grilled to order.

                The Results: Expertly grilled Prime Rib with the unique seared, caramelized texture and savory flavor that only comes from charbroiling.
                Served with our famous Spinning Bowl Salad,
                Scallop Potatoes and Crispy Fried Onions.
                Be the first to taste The Lawry's Ribeye starting August 6

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                  If others want to see the photo of the rib eye just scroll down the page a bit: http://www.lawrysonline.com/lawrys-pr...

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                    you know, I'm actually not a fan of rib eye anymore but that looks AMAZING.

                    1. re: ns1

                      i wonder what soured you on rib eye?

                      i also wonder if this rib eye is different from the places who offer grilled hunks of prime rib.

                      1. re: linus

                        Very different in that this appears to be roasted and then sliced and grilled. Interesting.

                        1. re: linus

                          too fatty/heavy for me to eat 16oz of. I prefer leaner cuts these days, NY strip or filet.

                  2. Disappointing to write this because Lawry's is one of my favorite spots for many reasons, but the steak is a miss. Not so juicy because already roasted and given a quick acrid sear on the grill. Comes with fried onions and scalloped potatoes (not bad but not craveworthy like the roast beef sides) You can get side sauces of blue cheese, peppercorn and bordeaulaise. I was killing myself watching my friends tackle their diamond jim brady cuts, mash, peas, cream cord and cream spinach. Maybe better for those who like their meat more than medium...you can get 22oz or 12...anyways, taking one for the team...

                    consolation prize is that everything else is unchanged! stick to the prime rib and sides and the ice cream sundae!

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                      Well, damn. Another fantasy shot to shit. At least you saved me some money and some calories.

                      I did manage to wolf down breakfast at the Pacific Dining Car at 0530 today. Breakfast filet medium rare, potatoes Lyonnaise with some perfect caramelization and eggs over easy with set whites and runny yolks (plus a bagel with cream cheese and orange marmalade) and their wonderful French roast coffee.

                      So one way or another I got my "steak itch" scratched.

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                          Fear not...I actually had a different experience with the larger rib eye than jessejames. I found it to be quiet delicious. The meat was very tender and very rich. Was all of the steak totally editable, no, but there was so much of it, that the couple of pieces that went back onto my plate was no big deal. I actually didn't love the scalloped potatoes. Seemed to miss something. I also ordered a side of the creamed spinach and I was in heaven start to finish.

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                            I think we will go for our 27th wedding anniversary in October and I will probably have to give it the old taste test. How do you like your steak cooked?

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                              Glad you liked it better xoxohh. I didn't dislike it enough not to finish it. I'll just get the roast beef next time.

                              Great spot for anniversaries and special occasions. It was my friends 40 th and we were well taken of. The were very cool with 20 dollar corkage and decanted carefully an old bottle of port. I'm glad lawrys is trying something new but for me I'm cool old school.

                            2. re: Servorg

                              Serv, do you go to the downtown place or Santa Monica?

                              1. re: Baron

                                Santa Monica because it's only a few minutes away from home. I really like the downtown location for the setting, but I have to in the mood for the drive.

                            3. re: jessejames

                              What was the pricing for the rib eyes?

                              1. re: TripleAxel

                                Yelp poster said "...24oz bone-in rib eye ($54)..."

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                                  The one I had was $54. Complete meal, though.