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Jul 18, 2013 08:42 AM

Montreal with Teens

Will be in Montreal August 1st to 4th and looking for Well-priced to cheap/Good food to feed my teens. Open to anything. Will be around Old Montreal and Mile End areas. Don't want touristy crumby food - willing to go off the beaten path a bit but don't want to be wandering too far out. Probably looking more for dinner menus. Are there any food trucks in Montreal?

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    1. vin papillon. kids will love the taragon chicken wings and papillon ham with mustard sauce and cheese curds

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        This is a wine bar (I assume with a full bar license??). Will they permit <18 y.o. teens?

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            Ah, my mistake. I wonder if this was their choice or if it was Sudouest legislation at work..

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              I would tend to think it's due to sud-ouest legislation, rather hard to get a new bar licence on notre-dame in that area if even possible

      2. I have checked their website and they are closed while we are there. Thanks anyway!

        1. I find it fairly easy to please pre-teens with big appetites in Chinatown near Old Montreal, at Nudo, Beijing or dim sum at Maison Kam Fung. Poutine is also fun and filling, so for that I'd go to La Banquise or Patati Patata. Around Mile End it's easy to pick up fresh, hot bagels or maybe perogies at the Euro-Deli Batory. Amelio's has great pizza, and Miga has nice big portions of fried pork or chicken. Bakeries are a good bet for grabbing a snack of croissants or other good pastries while running around.

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            Thank you so much for your suggestions!

          2. My teenagers and all their friends are absolutely obsessed with the orange julep. It's a fun piece of Montreal history and the food is pretty good for what it is. I had a great poutine and I like their julep as well.