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Jul 18, 2013 08:42 AM

Ted's Montana Grill

Specifically the one at Peachtree Center. Anyone have a critique? We will be going there; just would like to know what to expect. Recommendations?

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  1. I've been to the one near Centenial Olympic Park and was pleasantly surprised. Can't remember exactly what I had...a steak I think. I just remember it being a better experience than I expected.

    1. My husband loves their buffalo (or is it bison?) chilli and burgers. They also have salads, chicken, meatloaf. I thing the atmosphere is nice and service has always been good. But, it isn't fine dining.

      1. Burgers are very good, and oddly enough the veggie burger is good. I don't pay the upcharge for bison - can't taste the difference and almost all burgers can be made beef too for about $2 less. Big servings - you won't leave hungry! Decent service, if slow considering most people are business diners who only have 1 hour. And I've seen the man Ted Turner there himself, so nice to know he supports his businesses!

        1. Thanks for the comments. We were also very pleasantly surprised. Everything from drinks to dessert was very good. Excellent cream of tomato soup! I had bison short ribs and really enjoyed them. Our waitress, Candy, couldn't have been nicer. Highly recommended!

          1. We've been to the Ted's in Buford. The burgers are very good.