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Jul 18, 2013 08:34 AM

Lobstah report- Rye Harbor NH, Farmington, ME, Rangeley, ME

When lunch time hit, I was on I-95 at Hamppton, NH, so I ducked off the highway and started driving along the coast, looking for a place that served the crustacean. At Rye Harbor, there was a sign that said "lobster," so I turned in and parked at the small free lot that said "30 minute parking only or you get towed." There's a pay lot ($5) adjacent. The lobster place was a small shack between other shacks where they sold tickets for whale watch cruises and at least one charter fishing boat. The establishment is kknnown as "Rye Harbor Lobsters." In addition to whole lobsters (steamed or live) they also do the usual: steamers, mussels, lobster rolls ((2 kinds, one with mayo, the other with butter&sherry). "Chix" lobsters were $4.5/lb, I ordered a 1 1/2 pounder at 5.95/lb, plus a pound of steamers. It was cooked up in about 10-15 minutes, and I ate at a lawn table set up in front, although there ate also more picnic tables right by the harbor, too. The bugs were soft-shells, I didn't need the nutrackers, even for the claws, very sweet meat and a reasonable amount. It was steamed nicely, not overcooked. A nice tasty experience with the expected New England seacoast ambiance, certainly better than trying to fight my way into one of the Portland lobster joints on a Saturday night. (Alas, Three Sons on the wharf in Portland has closed, so you're stuck with the real restaurants if you want lobster there.)

The next day, it was lunchtime, and I was in Farmington Maine. With no research, I did a random stop at a place called Boivin's Harvest House Restaurant, just west of town. Typical small town country fare, they grilled steaks and burgers, but the special was a lobster roll with fries and slaw for $17. That's what I ordered, and was pleased, indeed. I shelled out the extra $0.95 for sweet potato fries, which were some of the best I've ever had. The lobster roll was excellent, full of whole claws, dressed with lust a little mayo, the bun grilled properly. The slaw was also good, again, just enough mayo to give flavor, most places overdo the mayo.

Finally, having arrived in Rangeley, I was in town at lunch tine, and stopped off at the Pine Tree Frosty, which mostly sells ice cream, but has a grill. They too, had a lobster roll, which I decided to try. A bit smaller than Boivin's Harvey House, but a nice serving of lobster, and you could taste the butter on the grilled bun.

That's all for now. I think we'll be buyig the next batch live to cook at the camp.

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  1. Nice!.thanks for the report! Smiles.although you seem to be on a single track, there must be other things Chowoworthy over toward Rangely

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      Well, there are, although we mostly cook and eat in camp. (I picked up some swordfish steaks and cusk at the fishmarket on the docks in Portland, and we enjoyed some grilled fish and chowder for at least 2 meals.

      We've been out one night. Went to the Tall Tales Tavern in Oquossoc. That as pretty good, had the fried clam taco (if you can imagine such a thing.) The fried clams were great, but they need to take a trip to Texas to get the taco part right. The tortilla was a semi toasted flour, I think I would have preferred soft corn, and some more pico de gallo instead of the remoulade. I've had some other great stuff there, they do a real nice salmon, a lobster pot pie, and, of course, lobsters and such. One of the better restaurants in the area.