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Jul 18, 2013 08:19 AM

Lunch in Armonk

A friend is flying into Westchester airport tomorrow. We are going to meet for lunch and we would like to meet some place near the airport. Since my friend has to head upstate after lunch, another friend suggested some place in Armonk but didn't have any specific recommendations.

I am not that familiar with Armonk. I am not looking for anything fancy, mostly just convenient to 684. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Armonk Burgers and Shakes took over the Burger Factory spot. Close to airport.

    Several restaurants are on Anderson Hill Road in Purchase. Perhaps someone who has been there more recently than I can pipe up.

    1. Village Social in Mt Kisco on Main Street has a very varied menu and is just a couple miles off 684.

      If you want something closer to the airport there is Cobblestone (a pub/burger place), China White (may be too fancy for what you are looking for) or Mulligans @ Doral Arrowwood (an outdoor spot on the golf course, depending upon the weather this is a nice place for lunch)

      1. You hae a ton more options in Mount Kisco which is like 15 min north of the airport, assuming your friend is headed in that direction anyway.
        A great spot is The Village Social...Pizza to salads to sandwiches with prices that will not break the bank. There's the usual Diner across the street. Also Panera and Cosi. Hope that helps!

        1. There are not many places immediately by the airport. But if you are headed to Armonk I would suggest Modern Barn, I have not eaten there yet but its owned by the same owners as City Limits Diner (which I love). For very casual, Glenville Pizza is good, its in the Glenville area of Greeenwich and they sell by the slice.

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            Ah yes Modern Barn...Totally forgot them! I second them!

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to keep it closer to Armonk (rather than Mt. Kisco) since I am coming from Scarsdale and I have limited time. I thought about the place at the Doral, but too hot to eat outside....will report back!