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Jul 18, 2013 08:03 AM

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

has anyone tried or even heard anything about this restaurant in new rochelle. I found the website and menu but no idea of even the prices.

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  1. Wow--pretty cool. They have grilled sardines and a venison dish on the menu, so we will be heading there once the weather cools down. I've never had Croatian food, but being half Hungarian, I appreciate any kind of Eastern European food in the area.

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      Croatians don't consider themselves Eastern European :) Country was part of the Roman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Hapsburg Empire... religion is Roman Catholic and culture/lifestyle very simpatico with Italy.

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        Like Hungary, Croatia is actually in central/southern Europe. The Croatian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, Greek, Slavic, French, Austrian, Hungarian, etc.; with many regional specializations, as well as coastal vs. inland.

        1. I stuck my head in there late afternoon yesterday. I was given a little "tour" and it's a very nice space. There's an outside dining space out back that's very attractive, and a "kitchen garden" with herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, all kinds of stuff. I think I saw a little fig tree! Downstairs there's a well-stocked wine cellar. I wasn't prepared to dine, but will go back.

            'Looking forward to a visit. Croatian is my heritage & Dubrovnik one of my favorite cities!

            1. My fiancé and I went to Dubrovnik Friday night, inspired by this post and an article in Westchester Mag ( Without boring you all with the details, I called at 6 for a table outside, they said come at 8:45, and when we arrived at 8:45, we waited at least a half hour for a table. There was an open table but they saved that for someone else. Annoying. Then we waited longer for a menu and water.

              We both had the lamb special that had been done in the wood burning oven with roasted potatoes and green beans. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed the ciabatta-ish bread, but at that point I was starving, so it's not really a fair assessment. Then, it took forever to get the check. Basically, the service is authentically European. The food was enjoyable though, so if you're not in any hurry, go. I think we were there for over 2 hours, and we just had a main course (which was plenty of food for me).

              Also, they have free valet parking, which was nice.

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              1. re: cbn456

                Thanks for the report. What's the price point on the entrees? Where did you end up waiting while you were there?

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  The lamb special was $38, which I think was the most expensive entree by maybe $5.

                  We waited at the nice fully-stocked bar. The 2 bartenders were very good, actually--less European with their service. One was making some special mojitos that I regretted not ordering, especially after getting my odd Croatian wine (Babic?). My fiance's Croatian wine (Lirica, I think?) was good though.

                  And I forgot to mention they gave us some Croatian grappa-ish drink at the end of the meal. I could not finish mine.

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                    Wow, $33-$38 for entrees is REALLY expensive! Restaurant sounds interesting but I think I will pass, given the cost.

                    1. re: decayny

                      I wonder what all the prices are like. I assume high, since they don't have any prices on their website.

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                        I was thinking the same thing.... sounds delicious but really pricey.... it's a hike for me and not being able to view prices on their website makes me less likely to go.... maybe I'll try emailing them.

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                          I think maybe I was unclear. The most expensive entree on the menu was maybe $33 (I don't remember the low end of the range though). The lamb special was higher than the rest.