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dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

has anyone tried or even heard anything about this restaurant in new rochelle. I found the website and menu but no idea of even the prices.

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  1. Wow--pretty cool. They have grilled sardines and a venison dish on the menu, so we will be heading there once the weather cools down. I've never had Croatian food, but being half Hungarian, I appreciate any kind of Eastern European food in the area.

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      Croatians don't consider themselves Eastern European :) Country was part of the Roman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Hapsburg Empire... religion is Roman Catholic and culture/lifestyle very simpatico with Italy.

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        Like Hungary, Croatia is actually in central/southern Europe. The Croatian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, Greek, Slavic, French, Austrian, Hungarian, etc.; with many regional specializations, as well as coastal vs. inland.

        1. I stuck my head in there late afternoon yesterday. I was given a little "tour" and it's a very nice space. There's an outside dining space out back that's very attractive, and a "kitchen garden" with herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, all kinds of stuff. I think I saw a little fig tree! Downstairs there's a well-stocked wine cellar. I wasn't prepared to dine, but will go back.

          1. http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl...
            'Looking forward to a visit. Croatian is my heritage & Dubrovnik one of my favorite cities!

            1. My fiancé and I went to Dubrovnik Friday night, inspired by this post and an article in Westchester Mag (http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl...). Without boring you all with the details, I called at 6 for a table outside, they said come at 8:45, and when we arrived at 8:45, we waited at least a half hour for a table. There was an open table but they saved that for someone else. Annoying. Then we waited longer for a menu and water.

              We both had the lamb special that had been done in the wood burning oven with roasted potatoes and green beans. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed the ciabatta-ish bread, but at that point I was starving, so it's not really a fair assessment. Then, it took forever to get the check. Basically, the service is authentically European. The food was enjoyable though, so if you're not in any hurry, go. I think we were there for over 2 hours, and we just had a main course (which was plenty of food for me).

              Also, they have free valet parking, which was nice.

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                Thanks for the report. What's the price point on the entrees? Where did you end up waiting while you were there?

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                  The lamb special was $38, which I think was the most expensive entree by maybe $5.

                  We waited at the nice fully-stocked bar. The 2 bartenders were very good, actually--less European with their service. One was making some special mojitos that I regretted not ordering, especially after getting my odd Croatian wine (Babic?). My fiance's Croatian wine (Lirica, I think?) was good though.

                  And I forgot to mention they gave us some Croatian grappa-ish drink at the end of the meal. I could not finish mine.

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                    Wow, $33-$38 for entrees is REALLY expensive! Restaurant sounds interesting but I think I will pass, given the cost.

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                      I wonder what all the prices are like. I assume high, since they don't have any prices on their website.

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                        I was thinking the same thing.... sounds delicious but really pricey.... it's a hike for me and not being able to view prices on their website makes me less likely to go.... maybe I'll try emailing them.

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                          I think maybe I was unclear. The most expensive entree on the menu was maybe $33 (I don't remember the low end of the range though). The lamb special was higher than the rest.

                  2. Was there this past Sunday-Had a great meal and very good time. And one does have to have a talk with the owner-very nice guy and rather interesting. He did all the wood-work, including the tables, within restaurant. And entrées start at about $17.00 to $35.00
                    One could do small plate with Appetizers, Soups and Salads.
                    For a party of three-entrées, coffee and desserts ran to about $120.00
                    And while open for about a month, and without a formal Grand Opening, they are busy. I would strongly suggest calling in reservations.

                    P.S.: Besides the nice rear patio (which over looks a vegetable garden which the kitchen uses and has the specially imported wood burning grill/oven on it), there are two "private" rooms down-stairs. One is the wine room. The owners uses both his own garden as well as the one at the restaurant. He makes everything there and uses NO canned goods. All fresh product. And local.
                    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DubrovnikRes...

                    1. We tried it last night. I feel compelled to try any restaurant that has the chutzpah to open on Main Street in NewRo and would like to support the good ones so more will come. This is a good one and it will stay on my list. We had an appetizer of grilled calamari -- I am not a huge garlic fan and couldn't get beyond the first overwhelming whiff/bite, but my boyfriend was happy to finish it. For main courses I had an absolutely perfectly cooked fresh branzino over diced potatoes and swiss chard and the waiter made sure that they left off the garlic and extra oil. My other had a filet mignon that he also thought was superb. Portions are large. Prices, a tad high. Some good wines by the glass. The bread that was brought at the beginning of the meal was good and the red pepper spread accompaniment was excellent. No room for dessert, but the dessert menu only had 4 items, 2 of which contained nutella. The others were flan and fruit salad. Service gets a mixed review -- our waiter was certainly competent, but acerbic. It may well have been his sense of humor and he did warm up the closer it came to tip time. The Manager at the door was a sweet gentlemanly person who checked up on us during the meal 2 or 3x. We were there on a Weds night and it was more than 1/2 full -- I imagine it will be quite crowded on the weekends.

                      1. What a gem - wonderful ambiance, fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented food, excellent collection of wines!

                        I was there last Friday with a large group of people.
                        The taste of grilled calamari and Swiss chard with olive oil and garlic and an octopus salad drifted me away to my native Croatia where my dad used to prepare those delicacies the same way Zeljko (Jerry) and his crew do it here. We also tried grilled sardines, potato gnocchi with beef, and salmon on the bed of rice with tomato topping. Everything was superb!

                        Without hesitation I can say that this is Croatian food at its best!

                        1. Forgot to mention great cappucciono - very creamy, served in a ceramic cup & saucer! The way I like to enjoy it while sitting on a terrace overlooking Adriatic on a sunny Croatian summer morning;-)

                          1. Fun evening at Dubrovnik last night. My daughter, sister and I went for the first time. We made a last-minute try for a reservation and were told the patio is still open (kind of chilly, I thought) and their downstairs space, where the wine is stored. We opted for the latter. It turned out that we were the only party down there the whole time, with our waiter running up and down the stairs taking very good care of us. We had a lot of catching up to do and couldn't have been happier with our "private" room.

                            Our orders were taken and bread, olive oil for dipping and tapenade were brought and disappeared quickly. We shared the grilled calamari appetizer. It came with a cabbage and carrot slaw. The waiter cut up the calamari to accommodate the three of us and served our plates. The grilling was done in that big oven on the patio. The result was slightly charred squid with crispy tentacles. They'd been brushed with lemon, garlic, maybe parsley. Mopped that up with some bread. Perfect. That oven, by the way, is a wonder! There was a lamb on the spit that looked and smelled delicious. We were told there were 3 servings not spoken for, but most of us wanted fish.

                            I had the grilled sardines, with chard and potatoes. At least six good-sized sardines were on the plate, three too many for me, so I'll have the leftovers today. The skin was nicely crisp from the grill.

                            My daughter had Branzino, a big fish for one person. Same successful treatment as my sardines. There's no stinting on the portions at Dubrovnik!

                            My sister was very happy with her veal stew with gnocci. Tender meat and little puffs of gnocchi, light as air. Another successful dish.

                            On the table you'll find small matching grinders for the salt and pepper. Freshly ground pepper is a touch I really appreciate.

                            All the while our water glasses were kept full and the Croatian red and white wines (by the glass) were attended to.

                            For dessert we each had cappuccino and shared a Croatian crepe filled with ice cream, garnished with Nutella. What a wonderful evening!

                            I can't say enough good things about the service. Our waiter was attentive, and checked on us frequently. One of the partners in the business dropped by two or three times. They were really busy upstairs, with a big party crowd on the patio, and he took the time to show us around. I can't convey how excited and happy I am to have Dubrovnik so close to home. Long live Dubrovnik in New Rochelle!

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                              Thank you, I have been thinking about trying this restaurant.
                              Your review just sealed the deal!

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                                I consider such a positive review kind of a big responsibility. But we were not known at the restaurant, so our treatment and the food must be just the way it is there. I considered saying "your mileage may vary", but changed my mind. Do let us know how it goes for you.