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Jul 18, 2013 07:18 AM

Schenectady, NY

Many years ago my husband and I went to a restaurant in a residential neighborhood in Schenectady (I believe near Union College) for our anniversary. We stayed in what was then a Ramada Inn nearby. I believe it was Italian and I remember having carpetbagger steak (steak with a baked clam stuffing) They had a piano player and we had such a fun evening. As a surprise I would love to take him there but don't have name or know if even still open. Any ideas?

thank you

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  1. Union College bought the old Ramada Inn and turned it into student housing in 2003. It's possible you and your husband went to Cornell's, an old-timer on Jay Street in what has since been designated Schenectady's Little Italy. I see a stuffed steak on their menu; they might well have stuffed it with clams once upon a time. It's still a nice spot. ( ).

    If Cornell's doesn't ring a bell, there are a number of good restaurants near Union College, but my money's with Cornell's.

    1. How many years? Cornell's moved to Jay St (near the old Ramada) from Van Vranken Av in 2002. Cella Bistro is in a more residential area near Union but didn't open until the late '80s. Another one near Cornell's Van Vranken location is Via Appia. Luigi's was on Barrett Street through most of the 1900s but closed in 2007, and then burned down. Scotti's, Petta's and Ferrari's go back to the 1900s and are in residential neighborhoods (not good ones, in the case of Petta's and Ferrari's). I don't think there would have been a piano at Cella Bistro, Via Appia, or Ferrari's; don't know about the others.

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        It was probably before 2002 so I'm thinking it was Cornell's old location. Did they have a bar on left as you walked in that went around a corner?

        Thanks for all your input.

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          Via Appia has a corner bar, but I ate there pretty often in the 90's and I don't think they ever had a piano player, or any other kind of music. Pretty casual, family-run place.