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Jul 18, 2013 06:38 AM

Favorite Defunct Monmouth County Restaurant

We were talking last night over drinks at The Fromagerie and started talking about all of our old favorite spots that have gone away while The Fromage still stands

Consensus was most missed long time gone was The Pear Tree in Rumson and Connor's Hotel and we would soon be talking about BAT and Doris & Ed's the same way.

Periwinkles in Sea Bright and The Quay were both spoken of fondly as well as Mumford's in Long Branch, The Peninsula and The Waterfront Café in Sea Bright

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  1. Carly, I'm so with you as to The Quay, Mumfords (was so so good) and the P House to a lesser extent along with Long John's.

    Losing BAT hurts. Loved Joe's rib sticking comfort food in the fall and winter.

    1. Beasty Burger in Red Bank

      Mad Greek in Hazlet

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        1. re: Bigburgerbelly

          There's a Mad Greek cafe in the Mojave Desert in Davis, Ca...

          1. re: Bigburgerbelly

            Mad Greek was on Route 35, Hazlet... a little north and west of Costco. It closed a couple of years ago. Since then it was Gardenia Grill. Before it was Pizza Loolu Ta, Pizzaiolo Bravo.

            I don't know what's at that location now.

        2. The Quay and the Little Kraut .

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            Little kraut? think not.............ate their when I first started living in N.J. Close to being one of the worst restaurants I've ever eatin at - plus the service was horrible.

            1. re: eatinman

              How odd to have such disparate experiences. We ate at the Little Kraut so many years ago with some frequency and found the food first rate. At Christmastime the place was a jewel, perfectly charming, and I remember Dieter and Jimmy fondly. After they left and it closed then reopened finally the place absolutely tanked.

              1. re: Deb Van D

                My Bro and I had planned on going to Little Kraut back in the Fall of 1990 and paused to look at the menu posted out front... $24 for pork chop entree!? In 1990? We had been to places like Daniel, Le Cirque and Bouley* in NYC and simply were not gonna pay that much for dinner in Red Bank.

                We ended up slumming it and going to Fromagerie. It was fun to watch the valet parking my Bro's old dented Toyota pickup with a standard transmission & the extension ladders on the rack. Then when we went inside we were confronted with the "loaner jackets" and immediately seated at the "rube" table behind a potted plant (Dress code?).

                After some interaction the servers it became apparent we weren't hailing from Hooterville and a good time was had by all (we even got a tour of the wine cellar from one of the Peter brothers). Never did make it back to Little Krautn and no, I don't recall the prices we paid at Fromagerie.

                *Menu from Bouley from the same era:

              2. re: eatinman

                The place took a nose dive when the original owner was gone .
                My wife and I went back and were appalled at how far it had fallen .

            2. Hook Line and I miss those burgers.

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