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Jul 18, 2013 06:29 AM

Good peaches in NM, Summer 2013?

Hi, Has anyone found good yellow peaches anywhere in Albuquerque or Santa Fe yet this year? My Mom's birthday is coming up and we were hoping to make her favorite peach shortcake, but haven't found any really good fresh peaches so far. Pesticide-free a plus. Thanks.

PS: Where we've already tried: La Montanita, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Albertsons. All seem only to have white peaches and those are a bit mealy and don't have much flavor. Is it an especially bad year for the peach?

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  1. FYI I just spotted this year's first good looking, fragrant peaches at Whole Foods earlier today. Still from California, hopefully the late frosts weren't enough to kill our Rocky Mountain crop...

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      Thanks, finlero. I'll check Whole Foods again. Hope the late frost only delayed the crop in the Rocky Mtns. The last few years they've been some of the best peaches I've ever had.

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        New Mexico peaches at S Fe Whole Foods yesterday (Sunday). Signage said they were grown in Albuquerque.

      2. The Late Season freestone peaches should be arriving in markets in the next 2-3 weeks. The clingstone varieties (all early season..early June-July types) were all killed in the late April frosts. Freestones are in Season late July through Mid-September.

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          Ah, that explains it. Thanks very much. Must be so hard on SW peach growers.

        2. I have had [last summer most recently] good luck with Prima Peaches at Albertson's. Palisade Peaches from up by Grand Junction are always good, but haven't seen those yet.

          1. Colorado peaches yesterday at Kaune's. Bought 'em; seemed a bit small. Will report back if they "pass the taste test".

            1. Thanks everybody! NM and Colorado peaches seem to be back in full force. Not as amazing as in recent years, but nice to have them. So far the best we've had have been from the Montoya stall at the Saturday Grower's Market.