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Jul 18, 2013 06:06 AM

Qintessential Maine Experience

If I want to plan one or two places along the coast where we can have a quintessential experience the second last week of Aug, where do people recommend?
~fresh lobster and/or oysters
What about any place that does special nights on a beach or on an island?

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  1. As posted previously, Waterman's is our favorite for a steamed lobster dinner. You can get a picnic table by the water (wear a hat and sunglasses). If you're lucky, you can eavesdrop on the next table complaining about the summer people.

    But probably the most Maine experience we've had was when the weather was kind of iffy and we saw a sign for a lobster dinner to benefit the local fire department. Your choice of crabs or mussels for a starter. Sat at long tables like any church/benefit supper - under a tent. You could buy extra lobsters if you still had room. Pie wasn't included but available. You top off a lobster dinner with good homemade pie and you can't find a better meal. View wasn't great unless you count all the locals enjoying a good meal.

    You mentioned ambiance so maybe you're looking for something fancy.

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      I agree: the Maine church suppah is quintessentially Maine! And, man, can those ladies make pie.

      But if you want lobster on a dock with fabulous views here's a few more options:

      Muscongus Bay Lobster in Round Pond

      Miller's on Sprucehead

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        That sounds great! That's what I mean by the locals is our idea of ambiance.

      2. 5 Islands Lobster Company. Amazing on all levels.

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          Going there tomorrow! Lobster for Mrs W, lobster roll for me.

            1. re: itryalot

              It was excellent! Great food in a beautiful setting.

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            My husband, daughter, and I had the perfect lunch at 5 islands a few days ago. Perfect. The lobster roll is simplicity itself.