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Jul 18, 2013 04:53 AM

Kitchenaid attachment: cheese grater

I'm considering purchasing the cheese grater attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer and I'd appreciate hearing the opinions of CHs who have used this. Is it hard to clean? Do you feel it's worth having?

When I only need a small qty of grated cheese for my pasta, I do it by hand but there are some recipes that call for one cup or more grated cheese and I'm thinking the cheese grater attachment might be a useful time and knuckle saver.


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  1. I have it (bought for $5 at a yard sale). It works but it does not grate as fine as fine box grater or even a micro plane. Even hard Parm is more of a stringy grate like a Zylis grater does. I like though when I have to do quanity, it cleans fairly easy either by hand or dish washer.

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      Thanks Eric. Now I have to find a yard sale ;)

    2. We have this attachment. I'm not usually the one who actively uses it, but it does work okay. There are 4 blades and none of them get really fine but even for parm I think the course is nice for a lot of stuff anyway. Whether it's useful for that cup of grated parm might depend upon what exactly you're using it for, but yeah, that is when it shines, when you grate a lot at once. It'll work for soft cheeses too, have used it when making mac and cheese or such, although those are messier to clean (unsurprisingly). It's pretty much like a hand crank rotary grater, but on a larger scale. I believe it claims to be able to slice as well with one or two of the blades, but we have not tried that.