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Jul 18, 2013 04:53 AM

Question about On the Marsh in Kennebunkport

I have reservations for this coming weekend, but looking at the menu it seems rather limited (and expensive). However they also list a bar menu which sounds more lively to me. Is the bar menu available in the restaurant? I also have reservations at Ocean and at the Boon Island Ale House for the weekend. I'm thinking maybe something more casual should replace On the Marsh. Suggestions? BTW we are staying in Ogunquit.

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  1. We loved On the Marsh when we were in Kennebunkport in late May. It was one of our favorite meals on our trip and we ate a lot of great food in Maine. We even preferred it over Ocean, although the view at Ocean is hard to beat and the food there is good too. That said, I think cost is relative. We do fine dining somewhat regularly and didn't think the cost was too bad and we've not eaten off On the Marsh's bar menu so I can't comment on that. But what we did have was great. Hope you enjoy your time!