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Jul 17, 2013 09:43 PM

Late lunch in between the airport and Woodland?

Arriving around one on Friday and heading up to hike at Mt St Helens for the weekend...if it was all about the food, we'd spend the weekend in Portland, but we are in training for an upcoming backcountry trip in Yosemite. We will be back to Portland later in the week to work, and to also enjoy food and beer.

Spending Friday night in Woodland. It would be really nice to find some good place for a late lunch near the airport or on our way without backtracking to Portland proper, even though I realize it isn't far. Any ideas?

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    1. re: cobpdx

      Thanks. I did see that, but it appears to me that the recommendations are all between the airport and town (heading South on 205) and I will be heading north. However, this raises a good point that I will soon be out of Portland and even out of Oregon State (Woodland is in Washington), so I will check out the Northwest Board. As I indicated, we would rather not backtrack, especiallly since we are coming back into Portland later.

    2. If you are willing to backtrack about 15-mins, perhaps a restaurant along N Williams (Tasty and Sons) or NE Alberta (Bollywood Theater)?

      1. Podnah's BBQ is open for lunch and is pretty much on the way to the airport. You can't go wrong there.

        Autentica does brunch until 2 and has really good regional Mexican food.