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Phoever Maine

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Phoever Maine is near our hotel so we figured we'd stop in tonight. We saw some reviews that indicated service was very slow. That wasn't the case tonight as we were served rather quickly. Then again, we were the only table at 7:00. There were about 8 customers at the American style bar that ran the length of the dining room.

My wife ordered Pad Thai and I had vermicelli with beef. My wife said the Pad Thai was very different from what she's had in the past. It lacked taste and had very little chicken. My vermicelli was rather bland as well. The beef did have some nicely charred edges that added flavor, but the bulk of the meat was dry and grainy.

Overall, there was no comparison to Saigon and consequently no reason to consider a return visit

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  1. I've been to PHOever Maine once and I'm looking forward to going back. My Pho was absolutely spot on, broth very tasty and the noodles were rich in flavor.

    Also, it's cheap. Very affordable. Veranda or PHOever? Both good but I'd go to PHOever.