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Jul 17, 2013 06:54 PM

Lunch near Bolsa Chica

I'm taking some Texans birding at Bolsa Chica in a couple of weeks, and we need a place for lunch afterwards. One is in a wheelchair, so I don't want to deal with the Huntington Beach Pier area on a Saturday, something casual and kind of out of the way would be fine.

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  1. Check out the menu at Red Table. It's a gastropub / wine type of place in Huntington Harbour. Very near the wetlands. A little on the pricier side.

    Olive Pit is a short drive on Bolsa Chica Blvd. For Greek food, it's a great choice.

    Heading north on PCH, you can try Taco Surf for the fried fish tacos. It's otherwise a red sauce-and-yellow-cheese type of gringo-Mex restaurant, but I'm fond of the fish tacos.

      1. Fish Camp in Sunset Beach is casual with fresh fish and easy access. It is on PCH but should not be as crowded as near the pier.

        1. Khoury's

          Right on the water between Long Beach and Seal Beach.

          Casual, wheelchair ADA, great food, fantastic view.

          1. Brix in Sunset Beach is a good call.

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