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Jul 17, 2013 06:43 PM

Where can I find real county ham slices

The real stuff - chewy, dense, salty. We used to be able to get it at the Giant and some independent groceries, but no more. Any sightings lately?

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  1. Graul's in Ruxton had some over Christmas.

    1. Try Harris Teeter and Food Lion -- they are southern companies and have always had it when I've looked for it.

      1. The farmers market on Saturday mornings in Old Town Alexandria has a vendor who sells country ham slices. They set up by the city hall. They sell slices, chunks and biscuits with ham. I do not eat it but got some for my dad and he loved it.

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          That's Calhoun County Hams and it is very good.

          1. Also Safeway - They sell the Gwaltney brand....And the Mount Vernon Farmers Market on Wednesday...