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Jul 17, 2013 05:40 PM

Chow-worthy & Dog Friendly near Annapolis

I'm hoping my fellow chowhounds can point me to a restaurant that serves brunch or lunch on a Sunday, has outdoor seating and allows dogs. I'm going to be visiting family in Federalsburg, MD (out on the Delmarva) and want to meet up with a friend, who is coming from Herndon, VA, on my way back up to NYC. Problem is that I'm traveling with my dog and it's too hot to leave her in the car at the end of July.

We were thinking Annapolis vicinity, but could do something on the eastern side of the bridge as well. Any cuisine is fine, pretty much any price range will work too, as long as it's good food. Thanks!

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  1. A few good sites to visit: (Do a search on Annapolis) A few of the restaurants are very good. Great info! Make sure you look up the blog..."Hot Outdoor Dining Spots in Annapolis for Your and Your Furry Friend"

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      Thanks! I did find those sites, but couldn't tell which restaurants were worth it. Which ones on those lists do you recommend?

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        I had some fried pickles and fish tacos at Ram's Head Tavern. All I can say is their fried stuff is pretty good.

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          Harry Browne's is what you're looking for. Very pet friendly (bowl of water & refills for your pup) and has a Sunday brunch. Seating is limited to 4 or 5 tables outside, so make a reservation to nab one of them!

          Ram's Head Tavern has a nice patio garden. Good atmosphere. They have a brunch style menu served between 10-2 on Sundays. Also, Tsunami's is a sushi place that's good, not great. If you choose one of these 2 places, I'd call to confirm their pet policy. Some restaurants allow dogs on certain days only. Hope this helps!

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            Phoebe & Worldwide - thanks so much! Harry Browne's is probably what we're looking for, though Rams Head would be a nice fall back. I appreciate the good advice

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          West Kitchen at the Loews has good brunch and we've taken our furry family member along with us. I've only ever seen dogs at Ram's Head out on the sidewalk, not on the patio, and it might be too noisy for a dog out on the patio there with the live music they seem to favor at Sunday brunches.


          Had the biscuits and gravy from their brunch menu last Saturday.

          I will be back.

          Best spot to hit the rather bleak Annapolis food scene in quite a while.

          Reasonable amount of outdoor seating.

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            Thanks Laststand! We ended up going to the Annapolis Smokehouse and it was very good. I had the biscuits and gravy and my friend had the pulled pork beignets. We were both stuffed. There was plenty of seating outside and the waitstaff was very helpful, brought my pup water and biscuits and they all came out to say hi to her. An additional bonus was the large city park right across the street where we took a long walk after eating, which was just what the dog and I both needed before a long drive home to NYC,

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              Very glad to hear it. It's still a fairly new place, and there are definitely some kinks being worked out, but I'm happy to support their efforts.

              Glad to hear it worked for you.