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Italian Grocery Store/Market in Dallas?

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Anyone know of any italian grocery stores/markets in dallas that sell pastas, meats, cheeses and the like? Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Jimmy's on Bryan at Fitzhugh. They rule.

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      is jimmy's the only place. im moving to dallas from boston.. and i can't find any italians places or people in texas it seems.

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        Jimmy's is pretty much where it's at. They had a bad fire a little over a year ago but from what I hear they've come back successfuly.

        Honestly i was not impressed with their widely praised house-made meatballs but for imported cheeses and salume they are the best in town. Their porchetta is to die for. If they don't have something you need you might try Central Market on Lovers Lane. Also check Central Market if you would rather pay a lot more money and stay out of Jimmy's rather rough neighborhood. It is not a concern in daylight but after dark it could be uncomfortable for someone new to town. Mai's, diagonally across the street from Jimmy's, is a pleasant and unassuming Vietnamese place.

        And for an okay red-sauce experience check out Campisi's on Mockingbird. Very down-to-earth and you will for sure find some Italian people there.

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          can you please tell me exactly where Jimmy's is? I'm in Frisco and willing to make the drive for some good Italian groceries, moved here from LA one year ago and have been looking in vein ever since!!!

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            Here's the Guidelive link, which includes a mapping function:


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              Me to!! I am from San Pedro, Ca (just outside of LA) I have not had a great sandwich since i left. Have you had any luck?? I am going to try Jimmy's.
              Where are you from in LA? Ever had Busy Bee in San Pedro?

        2. c

          Jimmy's is the only way to go. Tell Mike or Paul that Cullen sent you. Good Luck

          1. moving to dallas and was searching the web for italian delis. nothing turned up and i saw your message board. did you try jimmy's. if so how is it and how is the bread? anything else? i am originally from yonkers ny, home of the italian deli and i now live in los angeles. dallas may be tough. thanks

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              Jimmy's is a very good Italian market. It's not exactly what you might expect, coming from New York and L.A., in that it is in a primarily Hispanic neighborhood and looks more like a rundown quick-mart from the outside than a prototypical deli. But the food, bread and wines are very good and the people behind the deli counter know the difference between thin and paper-thin slicing. Plus, the mama of the family still works the checkout counter on weekends. (Don't be too surprised when you find bags of chicharrones and 40-ouncers mixed in with the extra-virgin olive oil and barolos; they also know what their neighbors want from their local market.)

            2. How about Z's in Oak Lawn?

              1. My husband and I are going to try Jimmy's soon. We usually buy our meet at either Central Market or Kroger. We heard really good things about their Italian meat selection from a gentleman we met at our local cigar place, City Cigars, on Knox. Central Market's Cuban is pretty good and I am interested in trying out Jimmy's version. I eat these when I am on the east coast each month for business and the local deli in Parsippany NJ has really good Cubans. I am hoping that Jimmy's is like theirs! Eatzi's food is pretty good but the store is always crowded and the prices are pretty high. Overall, for a good selection, currently Central Market has the best and the prices are lower than Eatzi's. Campisi's is pretty good all around Italian food but there is an Italian place in Garland call Napoli's that has real New York Italians running it (comes complete with good food and the NY ambiance of a local NY Italian place!!). Make sure that you make friends with the owners if they are there since it can be crowded and if you don't behave, Eddie is not afraid to yell! My husband and I also order spaghetti at Piggie Pies on Greenville (right north of Lovers), it has a Texas/Southwest flavor because they add chili powder to their sauce. They do have big portions and low prices so it is worth the try. Also on Greenville is Roma's (Greenville & Pineland), the food is pretty good and the prices are great for the portion size. There is also a good Italian place in Lake Highlands on Abrams at Meadowview. It is right next to Curlys (great burgers!). This is in the CVS shopping center on the left right before Forest (kind of easy to miss). Lots of food for a great price also. My husband and I try as many Italian places we can. We have found almost everything we would want, except for cannolis that are as good as what we had in Boston at Mike's Pastry in the North End. We have found some almost as good but not quite (and nothing of the assortment. If anyone can help with this, please let me know!

                1. Jimmy's has been approved by my Brooklyn-born Italian wife, and she has complained fairly consistently about the lack of Italian "stuff" here in Dallas since she arrived. We found it because they were a local retailer for her mozzarella - they actually had the proper brand. (Hey, I'm Irish - who knew there were brands?)

                  For pizza, try Lovers Pizza on Lovers Lane near the Tollroad, or in Casa Linda Plaza over by White Rock Lake. There's also Tony's on Northwest Highway and Ferndale who has good (relatively cheap) crab claws scampi (and good pizza.)

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                    You and your wife need to go to Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum for the best Neapolitan Italian pizza in Dallas.

                    They're BYOB on Wednesday nights.

                    You'll be an addicted regular like the rest of us after your first visit.


                  2. I have only found 1 Jimmy's there are no Italian pastries stores no good Jewish deli,s this is definitely not NY or LA

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                      As an ex-New Yawka born in Brooklyn, I would recommend Deli-News at Preston and Campbell. It's the closest to NY you'll get in Dallas.


                      As far as a real Italian pastry shop-Fuggedaboutit in Dallas!

                    2. JIMMY'S!
                      But remember, their $9.99 a pound imported Italian parmesan has been aged for only one year.

                      But, their (made on site) sausage is legendary in Dallas.

                      They also carry pasta from Brooklyn.



                      I recommend subscribing to their newsletter.

                      1. Jimmy's is a gift from God. Everyone says so.
                        Now can we move on?

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                          The funny thing, Jimmy's has been the most well-respected Italian market (by "real" Italians, cooking "real" Italian) for AT LEAST 30 years, that I personally am aware. But only in the last few years has it become the trendy mecca of which to praise ......

                          1. re: Mike C. Miller

                            I Concur!

                            I Picked up some of their world famous Italian sausage today for dinner.

                            They're so fragrant with fennel, I can't wait to make them for dinner tonight with my home made marinara sauce.

                            Of course, the canned Italian San Marzano tomatoes came from Jimmy's as well. As did my imported Penne Rigate.