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Jul 17, 2013 05:15 PM

Seafood For One; State Bird Provisions [San Francisco]

I'll be in San Francisco for a Thursday-Sunday trip. Looking for a seafood dinner. I was jazzed by the Block + Tackle menu in Portland, and by what I saw of Connie & Ted's in LA. Any recommendations for San Francisco, along those lines.

Separately, the weekend I am in town is the last weekend before State Bird Provisions closes. Worth a visit? Do I have any likelihood that I'll get in? What if I have someone with you? Any suggestions.

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  1. So casual readers don't have a heart attack: State Bird is closing for several weeks for renos as it takes over the old Hapa Ramen space

    Here's Block and Tackle's menu in case any locals can suggest similar in the Bay Area:

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      Based on th Block and Tackle menu, i'd say Local's Corner in the Mission would be most like it in SF and satisfy your search for a seafood dinner. I've only been once, but I liked the food, room, and service. Tight space but charming and tasty.

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        I don't know if the style will appeal but maybe take a look at Skool's menu. We really enjoyed everything we had there in May. The uni flan is particularly worthy.

      2. Thanks for clarifying. Sorry for any false alarms.

        1. For seafood you can check out the menu for Bar Crudo.

          With regards to State Bird Provisions, I am in the camp who believes it is overhyped, esp. considering how difficult it is to get in. I would recommend you check out AQ, Rich Table, Frances, Commonwealth.