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Jul 17, 2013 04:45 PM

Another new Indian restaurant coming soon to Freehold boro ?

Not too long ago it seems, "Ginger" went in on South Street replacing a formal restaurant whose name I don't recall at the moment.

Now I see there are big signs in the window of the former Ballew Jewelers on the main street (somewhat across the road from Ibby's, for reference) announcing the imminent arrival of "Gola".

I checked the website they listed on the sign

and the splash screen has a countdown clock which says that approximately 75 days remain until the grand opening.

The remainder of the website has more information about their plans.

Here is the description of their business enterprise as provided on one of the web pages ---

"The Gola (RG) Family of Restaurants is looking forward to greeting our new friends at our flagship US location. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gola, we have a vast presence throughout New Delhi, India. Our goal is cater to you the same way we have catered to our loyal customers in India since 1987. By bringing our master chef from our original Gola restaurant, we will replicate the flavors that have made us famous across India’s capital. We hope that you follow our progress on our website and Facebook page until opening day when we can personally welcome you to our first of many US locations."

Sounds interesting....

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  1. The Gola restaurants in new delhi are reviewed on TripAdvisor -- e.g. see

    They seem to specialize in "sizzlers" -- I'm not sure what a sizzler is.

    Edit -- I found this about "sizzlers":
    Sizzlers are a recent 'inno-vention' that consist of an entire meal being served on a cast iron platter, which is in turn placed on a wooden base. Sizzlers probably originated a few centuries ago when meat was served on a heated cast iron plate to keep it piping hot, while the diner ate his meal. Today, however, they have become a cuisine of sorts by themselves as many specialty restaurants serve only Sizzlers on their menu. A sizzler is a combination of a main dish served with a choice of sauces and a large variety of accompaniments, making it a complete meal by itself!
    (The cast-iron platter suggests the concept may have been influenced by Tex-Mex fajitas.)

    1. Hmmmm, I drove by there today and the signs in the window for "Gola" appear to have completely disappeared. In their place are signs for (I think) some sort of clothing sales.

      On the other hand, the website is stil active and the countdown clock continues to tick away (it's at approximately 53 days, 19 hours remaining as I write this). The latest "news and updates" posted, however, date back to June 29th.

      Very curious.

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      1. re: bakersma

        I actually bought some clothes at that store! They're crazy if they think they're going to renovate that space into a restaurant . Right down the block is " Ginger" and not only is the place attractive- the food is great and it's an excellent value. And they have a back entrance that goes right into a municipal parking lot! Parking can be a challenge in downtown Freehold.

        1. re: AlexGordita

          I see the clothing store (which always seemed kind of transient) is gone without a trace and the Gola restaurant coming soon signs are back up in the former Ballew's Jewelry front windows.

          Meanwhile, the countdown clock on their website says 20 days to go to the grand opening. Their Facebook page seems to be untouched for quite awhile now.

          1. re: bakersma

            Weird- I went to CVS on Sunday and the place is untouched- still has the fixtures of the jewelry store! I would love to see more affordable bistro types of restaurants for the familyin Freehold, not another ethnic restaurant anyway!

            1. re: AlexGordita

              Just took a look again at their website, and the countdown clock (which had run down) has apparently been reset to 93 days....which would put the grand opening sometime in mid-January 2014. Not sure I believe it, but we'll see....

              1. re: bakersma

                Further update, drove through downtown Freehold earlier today and noted that the front of the old Ballew's Jewelry is now completely boarded up with fresh new signs for Gola ---and their construction company--- posted. Can't see any more than that from the street but it does seem like something tangible may actually be happening at the location.

                Countdown clock on their website still pointing at mid-January opening (?).

                Here is a link to a recent (November) article in the News-Transcript that provides more details...


                1. re: bakersma

                  Happened to glance over across the street while getting lunch to-go from Ibby's earlier today, and it appears as though real progress has finally been made on Gola since the last time I posted. The construction plywood totally covering the former Ballew's Jewelry storefront has come down...replaced by new doors, windows, etc.

                  Countdown clock on website now pointing towards April 21st opening ...a date which may still be on the optimistic side --- but who knows ? Latest photos seem to date back to February 2014 and show mostly early stages of interior re-framing,

      2. I stopped in this evening as the front doors were open. Not open for business yet, but they hope to be open by next week. The space looks great. Really looking forward to this opening.

        1. Heard they are supposed to open this weekend. My husband called and was told that their final inspection was Monday (yesterday) and if that goes well they should be open this Friday or Saturday.

          1. The original comment has been removed