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Jul 17, 2013 04:39 PM

Please help me impress her with a Restaurant suggestion.

Out of towners coming, looking to eat best we can find.

Will go to Searsucker, Alpine for Beerbq, Blue Water for some casual seafood.

Any other really good restaurants you'd suggest? A stand out oyster spot?

Chowhound don't fail me now.

Just raided a recent thread with tons of great suggestions. List now includes:
Wa Dining Okan (found this one myself last time)
Blue Water
Brooklyn Girl
Mariscos el Pescador truck
Jeff's burgers
Sushi Ota


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  1. For oysters, Brooklyn Girl is a pretty cool spot.

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    1. re: Fake Name

      How appropriate, she's a Brooklyn girl. Thanks

      1. re: Mento

        Good vibe, nice crowd...depending upon item ordered, good.

        For good food with a view, nothing like the outdoor deck at Eddie V's in La Jolla....follow that up with live jazz up and across the street at Amaya--though they also have live music, often jazz, at Eddie V's as well.

    2. For me, the quality of the food isn't quite as important as the experience that surrounds it. I'd take out-of-towers to see the Star of India, walk along the waterfront, maybe tour the Midway, and eat at a modest restaurant across the street from the Maritime Museum.

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      1. re: LJones

        What's the Midway?

        Looked it up.

        While food is very important for us, especially for her birthday season, I have no doubt that our needs will be met in SD, I've already got a couple of reservations.

        Your non-food suggestions are most welcome as I really need some non chow related activities. Was planning to go walk around la jolla beach area, see the seals etc. Anything else you feel like adding is very appreciated. tx again

      2. Lunch time spot for good oysters is all that's really needed now. Eddie V's has to be dinner it turns out.

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        1. re: Mento

          Eddie V's does serve lunch on Saturday.

        2. Carnitas Snack Shack
          Cucina Urbana

              1. re: Mento

                Very goood food and ambience with average cocktails

                1. re: Mento

                  Well, Herr Honkymann is a confirmed curmudgeon who I know enjoys Starlite in spite of himself...but rest assured: I know where you're coming from. Starlite: excellent non-foodie-oriented cocktails (I recommend the Gunga Din or just a martini for fuckssakes), locally sourced-ish food, superb post-hipster service, and simple sophisticated atmosphere to boot. She'll be happy, especially if you have reservations for a corner table.


                  1. re: SaltyRaisins

                    Actually the Gunga Din (and the Jargarita) are the best cocktail choices at Starlite

                    1. re: honkman

                      I beg to differ: Kentucky Colonel is the best

                      De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum.
                      A fancy equivalent for ymmv.
                      I.e., I beg, but not too hard.

                      1. re: notjustastomach

                        I know both Mule variations are very popular at Starlite and I have tried them a few times but I really don't get it what people like about it - perhaps the worst cocktails on their menu

                        1. re: honkman

                          The copper mug? The Kentucky Colonel/Mule were definitely a gateway cocktail for me but do seem a bit weak and sweet now.

                          1. re: honkman

                            Agree w/ Honkman. IMHO, Mules are the Bartles & Jaymes wine cooler of the craft cocktail world.

                            Other than justifying the $9 price tag, I'm not sure why a bar would use Buffalo Trace bourbon as opposed to some plastic bottle bourbon when "crafting a cocktail" with half a bottle of ginger beer.