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Cold soup for Rosh Hashanah

Given how early Rosh Hashanah is this year, I'm expecting it to be quite hot in New York. I know some of my guests will settle for nothing less than matzoh ball soup, but would like an alternative of a cold soup for those who would prefer it. Any ideas?

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      Carrot and ginger puree (with orange zest and juice), or carrot, parnsip and ginger puree (with orange zest and juice). Watermelon gazpacho or other melon-based cold soup.

      I make a raw vegan green soup in my Vitamix that is quite nice. All ingredients are green (kale or spinach, scallions, parsley, basil, apple, avocado, cucumber, lime juice, jalapeno/serrano chile). A small garlic clove is optional.

    2. beet borsht
      cold fruit soup

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        All sound wonderful. Any recipes that you recommend?

      2. I can't imagine anything nicer in the heat than gazpacho. Very bright and pleasing.

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          I often make gazpacho for Rosh Hashana lunch with poached salmon and a potato green bean salad when Rosh Hashanah is in early September.

        2. An avocado soup made in the blender with ice cubes, a little stock..chicken or veg. Top each portion with fresh salsa. If crab is okay put a small portion of crab on top and then top with the salsa.

          1. 04Sep13 is early? You could Google 'fruit soup recipe' to see what' available. Rachael Ray has a recipe posted. There are 11,900,000 hits using the key words given above.

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              let's not be rude!!!
              04 September IS EARLY

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                I'll ignore the "early" comment and suggest that fruit soup sounds more applicable for dessert, not a starter. I'd do a savory soup for a starter. Gazpacho as suggested several times would be perfect if you can still get great tomatoes at that time.

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                  I apologize for the 'early' comment made not realizing that 'time flies.'

                  I should've realized that it will be only day of the year that my wife of Italian descent will be making matzoh ball soup for me.

                  Best wishes for a good 5774.

                  L' Shanah Tovah e buon appetito!

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                    Fruit Soups are not inherently sweet many are Savory and would be perfectly suited. Have a Sweet and Fruitful New Year.

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                      In the summer, we often have fruit soup as a starter for our shabbos meals, and as Rosh Hashana is associated with having a "sweet New Year," I see no problem with a sweet fruit soup. That said, though, I myself will probably do chicken soup, as I generally only make it for holidays, and not for weekly shabboses.

                  2. Lots of great suggestions here. I'd think your choice might be guided by what you're serving for the rest of the meal. I like my holiday meals to be cohesive...

                    Carrot ginger sounds quite appealing right now. (Gosh, I sure hope it won't still be 97 degrees on September 4!)

                    1. Second the gazpacho: if you're doing the traditional tomato-based soup it can be made a few days in advance - and will get better with age. It's usually vegan, if that matters. There's a variation called ajo blanco made with water, stale bread, almonds and garlic that turns out a lot better than the ingredients sound.

                      If you're doing dairy, there's cold cucumber and yogurt soup, or cold cream of tomato soup with basil.

                      1. How about Schav? My father and grandfather used to down gallons of the stuff during the summer time.

                        1. I made this a few times now and love it- i often skip the feta.

                          1. Zucchini/Basil soup is delicious warm and refreshing cold, and is super easy.

                            3 Tbsp oil
                            3 med onions-chopped
                            5 cloves garlic--chopped
                            7 zucchini--chopped
                            1 c. fresh basil leaves
                            4 cups chicken (or vegetable broth)
                            1 cup or so water (depending on how rich you want to stock)
                            salt, pepper, fresh or dried parsley

                            In soup pot, heat oil. Add chopped onion and garlic. Saute until onion is translucent. Add chopped zucchini; sauté until softened.

                            Add basil, broth and spices
                            Cover partially and simmer until zucchini is soft enough to puree

                            Use immersion blended to puree until smooth. Taste. Add spices to taste and thin with water, if desired. Chill if desired

                            This makes 10-12 servings. I've adjusted the quantities and made less.

                            1. 2 large cauliflower/4-6 YELLOW bell peppers/1 celery root cut into cubes/4-6 cups chicken stock/slow simmer until the celery root is very soft/stick blend/add more stock or water as needed to make a puree. Very important to strain to remove the sharp bits from the celery root. S&P/stick blend in a bit of butter if you like. Serve hot or cold.
                              'Liquid sunshine'!
                              You can use any color of bell pepper but the yellow ones make the puree/soup a beautiful yellow sunshine color.
                              You can add any herbs/spices you want. I keep the flavors simple.