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Jul 17, 2013 03:19 PM

WI Dells or Baraboo - Please Help!

Any thoughts on lunches and/or dinners over a three-day period? Hoping to avoid major missteps. Am open to a range of settings and price ranges. All suggestions are hugely appreciated.

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  1. We tried the High Rock Cafe last fall for dinner when in the Dells for one night. It was good--seemed like the most promising option in the downtown area when I had researched the area at the time.

    We also had gone to Monks for lunch that day and thought it was a fun place, but the burgers didn't quite live up to the hype for us.

    We really wanted to have Mr. Pancake for breakfast on the way out, but it wasn't open yet. We ended up going to Paul Bunyans with low expectations and it didn't even meet those. It was pretty terrible, but it seemed like other people there were enjoying it...

    1. We had an anniversary dinner a couple years ago at Fields at the Wilderness in the Dells and were very pleased with the experience. It is pricey, but the atmosphere was wonderful, service excellent and the food heavenly. Definitely made our special day.

      1. I will offer up Ishnala - It's a supper club with a great view, nestled in the woods.

        The food will NOT blow your socks off, but is solid supper club fare.

        House of Embers is also an interesting choice. Again, supper club-ish.

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          Sound like terrific suggestions. Thanks so much to all!

        2. The Dells really does not have too many finer food options because it is a touristy place that generally caters to families with kids. There are exceptions though. We go there maybe once every other year to visit some friends and have always had good luck at either Fields or Del-Bar.

          Del-Bar is the more casual of the two but both have good service and food.