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Jul 17, 2013 03:18 PM

2 nights/3 days itinerary suggestions/critique

Up for a quick work trip. Thoughts on choices and other snack/pastry/small bites around the places we've picked. Suggestions of local chocolatiers, pastry or dessert wanted.

This is what we have planned so far. We eliminated some places that we've already been (Castagna Restaurant, Le Pigeon) or can't accommodate my pescatarian spouse (Beast, Ox).

Dinners-Roe and Kingdom of Roosevelt. I know Kingdom of Roosevelt doesn't seem popular but I've heard good things from food folks & I'm the kid of hunters.....

Lunches-Evoe, Nong's Khao Man Gai

Brunch-Screen Door

Doughnut- Blue Star, I hate Voodoo.

snack-Viking Soul Food

Late night meal- Smallwares

I know it's been asked before but what are people's favorite late night food pods?

Coffee places that also have good hot chocolate & pastry?

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  1. Solid list.

    Ristretto has BakeShop pastries. Can't beat that.

    Best hot chocolate would be at Alma & Cacao, chocolate places. They also have coffee, LOL.

    1. Roe was fantastic, a pescatarian's dream, only one dish even had land creatures in it and that was just dehydrated foie gras. The four course meal for 65 is a steal, it would be easily over 100 in SF, LA, NYC.

      1. So...
        I highly recommend returning to castagna (not sure if you've been there since lightner left but it is as good or better)
        The kingdom of Roosevelt is the most interesting and fearless food I've had in my 10 years of eating (and traveling) like an adult, do not miss it.
        I have not made it to Roe but will be soon and will post.
        Evoe definitely, Nong's, no, try Bollywood Theatre.
        Screen Door I would replace with Broder.
        Viking soul food is a must!!!
        Small wares is a disappointment :(
        Late night: poutine @ potato champion (I'm québécois so I'm biased)
        Have a great trip and welcome back to PDX, please share your experiences!

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        1. re: WorthTheWait

          Don't miss the lingonberry iced tea at Viking Soul Food! I'd try the savoury lefses if I went back -- the sweet ones we had in June were good but not all that intriguing.

          I must admit, I didn't really get the furor over the chicken at Nong's. Maybe I hit it on an off day?

          Evoe! Evoe! Evoe! We went twice in 48 hours last trip : -).

          We went to Smallwares in April and had an uneven meal (deets here partway down OP wall of text if you can be arsed ). Short version: Brussels sprouts with XO sauce was delicious and deep fried kale was outstanding, other dishes were okay to good with one fail (we were a group of four so could try several). Also not the most comfortable tables if that matters.

          Love the baked goods at Courier but go early as they sell out. Lauretta Jean's has ridiculously good biscuits, far better for my money and tastebuds than the much vaunted Pine State. Monkey bread from Nuvrei (also available at Coava, a great coffee shop) makes me very happy; I also love their orange "Danish" -- I wouldn't bother with much savoury from Nuvrei. Cacao is wonderful for chocs and has drinking choc as well though I haven't sampled it yet. Go to the outpost just off Burnside for best selection/setting -- it is also less than a block from Blue Star which IMO you have correctly targeted for doughnuts. And both are near Maglia Rosa which has a couple of little tables outside where you can grab a good espresso based drinks and down your hard apple cider fritter from Blue Star : -). I quite like the doughnuts from Tonali that they carry at the Ristretto out by Tasty'n'Sons -- way more old school than Blue Star though. Extracto has Fleur de Lis baking and a stellar cold "toddy" if the weather is warm.

          I hate to try to talk someone out of a place I haven't actually been but the line ups at Screen Door are just so ridiculous. Both Ned Ludd and Spints (uber different but both excellent and very Portland to me) will get my business again before I contemplate that free for all!

          Excited to hear what you think of Kingdom of Roosevelt -- there isn't much here apart from WorththeWait's very welcome report above. It's on my radar for our next jaunt in October.

          If the OP's trip is soon, the Oregon Brewers' Festival starts next Wednesday...

          1. re: grayelf

            See also: re Kingdom of Roosevelt for a less positive response. Sounds like (per usual) one would have to go and try for one's self!

            Also since you are from the Bay Area, the land of wondrous kouign amann, I'd skip 'em in Portland. Haven't found one that compares to B Patisserie's or Starter's.

            1. re: grayelf

              looks like we are going to have to skip a lot of things with business meetings and visiting friends with dietary restriction. We're in Portland right now before heading to Vancouver BC tomorrow.

              Yesterday ended up having very subpar creole on Hayden Island at Norma's. It's nice that there is a little shack so close to the floating home we are staying at but it was bad jambalaya no two ways about it. Has good reviews too on several sites.

              Today we managed to go to Blue Star, Caffe Stille (I think that was the name), Cocao, Salmon Fusion food cart, and decent veggie sausage and a reindeer sausage from a cart in the same location.
              Blue Star's donuts were tasty for cake donuts and a hell of a lot better than voodoo, also no crowd and nice counter person.
              Cafe stille according the French Spouse has the best expresso based coffee she's had the west coast in 13 years but she is now a third wave coffee lover.
              Loved Cocao's tasting of drinking chocolates, still looking for a place that does the thick drinking chocolate of Barcelona.

              Once again food pods distracted us from going to restaurants. I would love to be here for a month and just eat from a different one every day! The Salmon Fusion one had a great salmon jambalaya pot pie which was great although the counter guy was sure it would be too "spicy" for me and even gave me a sample. He also said they were small so he gave me two of them for 7 dollars.

              I've only had reindeer sausage in Sweden so this had more cow fat I think instead of just reindeer and pig fats. But it was tasty, just not reindeer enough.

              Places to avoid- Tiny's in Burnside, horrible coffee and service and lots of smoking on the patio.